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      eMMC KLMAG2WEPD-B031

      16GB eMMC V5.0


      The eMMC architecture for embedded memory devices contains not only a data storage element (such as NAND flash memory), but also the controller for the storage element integrated on the same silicon die; it allows devices and applications to maintain the required data rates and throughputs for high-density chips. Along with the abilities to store high-resolution video and provide extended data storage capabilities, this results in reduced development time and easier integration of the memory block in the overall system, and a much shorter time-to-market for the end product. 
      Moreover, the eMMC is capable of operating at significantly high interface speeds, and provides the designer the flexibility to select the data transfer bus widths and interface voltages. eMMC is also extensively used for platforms that require high levels of performance in very small form factors, such as mobile handsets, and smartphones.
      Samsung has the widest range of high performance memory devices based on the eMMC architecture. Worldwide, Samsung eMMC devices are preferred by a majority of system designers, integrators, and OEMs for their flexible configurability, high operating speeds and data transfer bandwidths, low power consumption, and small form factors.


      EMMC > KLMAG2WEPD-B031

      Production Status
      16 GB
      Package Size
      -25°C ~ 85°C
      3bit MLC
      Smart Phone, Tablet, Smart TV, Game Console

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