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      • The dawn of UFS era has come.

        UFSThe dawn of UFS era has come.

        Here comes the most advanced technology for mobile storage. Enjoy the best of both worlds: SSD and eMMC.

      Engineering the future of Flash memory.

      The mobile market craves a new and better-performing storage solution.
      The unprecedented speed and energy usage level that mobile users have yearned for is at hand.
      Walk with Samsung’s leadership in advanced storage solutions to the future of mobile devices.
      Take the expert-led shortcut to market.
      Take the expert-led shortcut to market.
      Phone manufacturers need to shorten time to market in order to keep pace with the mobile device trends changing faster than ever. Samsung can guide your way to UFS with its first-class expertise.

      Samsung UFS was the first to be embedded inside a smartphone. Now most worldwide flagship smartphones are using Samsung UFS.

      With the experiences acquired through market leadership, Samsung can provide technical support and know-how to manufacturers on interface setting, AP and UFS alignment, board designs and more. Along with our expertise, Samsung has a full line-up of solutions in stand-by to quickly meet your various needs.
      Unprecedented random speed - ideal for mobile devices.
      Unprecedented random speed - ideal for mobile devices.
      Samsung UFS provides faster speed compared to eMMC. This faster speed translates to less time spent waiting for tasks to be completed and more time enjoying mobile devices.

      Samsung’s UFS 2.0 provides about 3 times faster random read speed than eMMC 5.1 to support flagship mobile device requirements.
      Achieving more with less energy.
      Achieving more with less energy.
      Your customer can enjoy their mobile devices for longer between charges, benefiting from the energy-efficient Samsung UFS.

      Consuming just 0.5 watts, Samsung UFS is more energy-efficient and at the same time, performs better than eMMC. UFS alone generally consumes 10% less energy than eMMC in active mode, and saves approximately 35% of total system power in daily workload performance.



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      Partnumber Production Status Density Package Size Temperature(°C) Version Interface Application
      KLUCG4J1ED-B0C1 Mass Production 64 11.5x13x1.0 -25°C ~ 85°C 2.1 G3 2Lane Smart Phone, Tablet, Smart TV
      KLUDG8V1EE-B0C1 Mass Production 128 11.5x13x1.0 -25°C ~ 85°C 2.1 G3 2Lane Smart Phone, Tablet, Smart TV
      KLUEG8U1EM-B0C1 Mass Production 256 11.5x13x1.0 -25°C ~ 85°C 2.1 G3 2Lane Smart Phone, Tablet, Smart TV

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