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      64GB UFS 2.0


      Samsung Universal Flash Storage(UFS) takes the higher bandwidth and faster interface speed of an SSD and combines them with the lower power consumption and smaller form factor of eMMC's architecture. Consumers will enjoy a better overall user experience, with fast boot times, a high-speed interface, and high-speed PC sync. Universal Flash Storage(UFS) solutions can cover your future design needs, whether those are high-end smartphones and detachable PCs or low- and mid-range smartphones and tablet PCs.
      Our Universal Flash Storage(UFS) is built on our leading-edge technology and tightly integrated with our highly intelligent controller and firmware to provide the highest level of performance and quality for our Universal Flash Storage(UFS) devices. Furthermore, our Universal Flash Storage(UFS) embedded storage provides mobile devices with the best of two worlds: the high performance of the SATA interface for PCs and the flash-optimized low power consumption of eMMCs. The explosive growth of data-intensive mobile apps is creating a growing need that current Flash solutions may not be able to meet in the near future. Samsung Universal Flash Storage(UFS) provides the dramatic change in architecture that is needed not only to meet mobile users' future demands, but is also capable of immediately increasing performance while lowering power consumption. Samsung Universal Flash Storage(UFS) is uniquely positioned to benefit both device designers and consumers.


      UFS > KLUCG4J1CB-B0B1

      Production Status
      64 GB
      Package Size
      -25°C ~ 85°C
      Smart Phone, Tablet, Smart TV

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