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      • Enormously Efficient Power Control

        Power ICEnormously Efficient Power Control.

        The most compelling power management solution customized for the efficiency and accuracy of each component in a mobile device.

      Custom-fit power control designed to support unparalleled energy efficiency.

      The biggest challenge in the mobile market is sustaining a long battery life. However, core components in mobile devices are often
      not using energy efficiently enough. Samsung hopes to lend a hand in solving this problem with PMIC’s accurate power control.
      Samsung offers customized PMICs that can fit right into most components in your device.
      Experience the pinnacle of efficient and accurate power control
      Experience the pinnacle of efficient and accurate power control.
      Thanks to the advanced 130nm BCD process technology, Samsung PMIC boasts a power efficiency around 89% with an accuracy as low as 1.5%, which is improved over the conventional.

      In comparison with conventional 180nm products, Samsung’s advanced 130nm process technology enables manufacturing of a more efficient PMIC.

      Further improvement in wafer-level design from “Radial Type” to “Finger Type", and its dedicated process technology enhances power control.
      Strictly power efficient starting with itself
      Strictly power efficient starting with itself.
      Through the use of advanced process technology, Samsung PMIC itself consumes minimal power. For example, OLED PMIC uses approximately 14% less energy when compared to its predecessor.

      This is the case for many specific PMICs. In the case of mobile AP PMIC, Samsung uses 130nm technology while conventional products use 180nm. As for OLED PMIC, Samsung uses 32nm technology while conventional products use 45nm.
      Your custom solution delivered in a heartbeat
      Your custom solution delivered in a heartbeat.
      With Samsung’s accumulated IPs and experience in customization, Samsung can deliver the PMIC product that manufacturers demand, and Samsung can deliver them fast.

      Samsung is ready to provide custom products using a proven range of IPs such as Buck, Boost, etc. We believe we can deliver customization faster than others due to three reasons: years of mass production experience with Tier-1 manufacturers, our quick response capabilities through on-site technical support and our fast turnaround by delivering the first sample within 4 months.



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      Partnumber Application Processor Operating Voltage Range Bucks LDOs Size Package
      S2MPS11 Exynos 5 Octa (5410, 5420, 5422) 2.7V ~ 5.0V 9 bucks 38 LDOs 5.35x5.35 WLCSP (169 balls), 0.4mm pitch
      S5M8767 Exynos 4 Dual/Quad & Exynos 5 Dual 2.7V ~ 5.0V 9 bucks 28 LDOs 5.0x5.0 WLCSP (144 balls), 0.4mm pitch

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