Unmatched SSDs for PCs and Workstations

Samsung SSD sets the standard in high-performance storage for PCs with rapid data processing and reliability in compact form factors.


Perfect Storage for Workstations

- Faster performance with powerful efficiency

With advanced NAND and TurboWrite technology, SM961 offers a premium solution for high-performance PCs such as gaming desktops. Its 3,200 MB/s in Seq. Read speeds enables faster start-up, improved performance and convenient multitasking, all with low-power operation.

Samsung Semiconductor Client SSD, Perfect Storage for Workstations, SM961

Fitting Storage for High-End PCs

- Accelerated processing in a compact form factor

PM961 delivers optimal SSD features for PCs. By supporting the PCIe interface standard up to 4 lanes and TurboWrite technology, faster Seq. R/W speeds accomplish fast performance using lower power via an NVMe power-saving mode. Featured in an M.2 form factor, PM961 uses 88% less space than 2.5” SSD.

Samsung Semiconductor Client SSD, Fitting Storage for High-End PCs, PM961

Big Power in a Small Package

- Design flexibility for stylish laptops

With a very small form factor, the PM971 offers remarkable design flexibility through Ball Grid Array (BGA) packaging. Combining power-efficient compactness and boosted robust performance, the PM971 is a first-rate storage solution for slimmer laptops, providing high performance in a tiny package.

Samsung Semiconductor Client SSD, Big Power in a Small Package, PM971

Best Choice for Mainstream PCs

- 3x faster multitasking speed than HDD

PM871b/PM871a perfectly satisfy the storage solution needs of mainstream PCs with a SATA 6.0Gbs controller and TurboWrite technology. They provide advanced SSD benefits with a broad portfolio of densities and form factors, improved performance with lower power, and data protection by TCG OPAL.

Samsung Semiconductor Client SSD, Best Choice for Mainstream PCs, PM871b/PM871a

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