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  • Experience the highest level of customer service through our B2B Workplace

    B2B Workplace

    Experience the highest level of customer service through our B2B Workplace.
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Powering your vision
Behind every great product is the world-class supply chain.
Samsung initiated the RosettaNet project in August 2001 approach to implement the complete set of RosettaNet PIPs (partner interface processes) which are the detailed procedures that assure various business operations conform to RosettaNet’s global standards.
Faster response to demand equipped by Rosettanet
RosettaNet standards increase speed and efficiency, which are critical issues in today’s fast paced business climate. RosettaNet enhances our ability to connect business processes (forecasting, RFQ, P/O, invoicing and G/R) with both supply and manufacturing partners.
Streamlined collaboration with customers and business partners

B2B Workplace enables on-line business transactions and provides useful, value-added information to customers and partners while being easy to use, efficient and assuring strict security to protect customer information.

B2B Workplace makes possible anytime, anywhere, on-line access to design and engineering data, technical documents, supply-chain-management data- such as logistics, WIP and shipping details-and other important information.

Get Involved

Samsung Electronics is looking for world-class partners with the right offerings and skill sets for collaboration on projects and creating new business opportunities. As partners, we will work together towards a win-win scenario of co-prosperity and the ultimate goal of any business to be the world best.