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      Here you’ll find tools and utilities for developing your products and more specific technical support information.

      Mobile, including wearable devices and IoT (Internet of Things), data centers for cloud computing, and smart automotives are the most important key trends in the semiconductor industry today.

      These new ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) trends require flexible, fast-deliverable, and versatile solutions from the semiconductor industry. Only packaging technology can satisfy such demands from the ICT industry. Therefore, packaging technologies will become a leading solution for the future of ICT. Samsung is a leading company in advanced packaging technology development. That is why Samsung can provide the most cutting-edge semiconductor solutions to customers.

      Mobile, Wearable & IoT

      Our world has seen a paradigm shift toward an “everything-connected and communicated” lifestyle that demands high mobility, high performance, and low power consumption from our technology devices. Since wearables must provide comfortability and human-friendliness, the semiconductor package must become thinner and lighter than ever. Furthermore, a small foot-print to mount more batteries is necessary for the long-lasting operation of these devices.

      Cloud & Data Center

      Today, our lives are connected like never before. While this is a positive development for individuals, our always-on, always-connected lives leave our devices short on both capacity and performance. All of the data generated from people’s lives are skyrocketing thanks to the cloud system. For a better future, data must be safely stored and quickly analyzed in data centers. This trend has put tremendous pressure on semiconductor device technologies to meet these increasing demands. The development of high-bandwidth and high-capacity interconnection technology is the only solution that can enable data centers to manage cloud computing and big data analysis.

      Smart Automotive

      A car is not just transportation anymore. The car is evolving from a simple vehicle toward a human-living space. In the near future, the car will become the most informative and automated device in human history. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and the self-driving car technology need the most advanced packaging technology. Above all, the reliability of the semiconductor packages are the most critical characteristics. Only Samsung’s abundant experience and know-how obtained through package development from SOC to CIS can provide a safe and reliable semiconductor device to customers.

      Samsung's competitive edge in Packaging Technology

      Since the very beginning of our semiconductor business, Samsung has been constantly researching advanced packaging technology. Like other companies on the leading edge, Samsung maintains a package research team (in our Samsung Semiconductor R&D Center). In addition, Samsung possesses a very well maintained facility for the production of our semiconductor products. This combination of R&D and production provides Samsung with a solid packaging technology development infrastructure, allowing us to provide our customers with the most optimized packaging solutions.

      Future information and communication technologies can come to fruition in the real world through the most advanced packaging technologies. The 3D packaging technology can make “Next is Now”. Samsung is the leader in the 3D packaging development. Our core competency in 3D packaging comes from the TSV (Through-Silicon-Via) and PoP (Package-on-Package) technologies.

      The following tenets illustrate our competiveness:

      One-stop solution providing

      Samsung packages the most devices, from powerful application processors to CIS. Our breadth of packaging allows Samsung to apply our varied, in-depth experience to nearly all semiconductor devices. This has led to various Samsung integration solutions, especially in Package on Package (PoP), Through Silicon Via (TSV) and System in Package (SiP). Samsung is the only company that can provide foundry, testing, packaging, memory integration such as DRAM, flash, and low power memory in one-stop. This ecosystem is the absolutely critical value that no other company in the world can offer.

      High quality and reliability

      Born of our vast experience in packaging semiconductor devices, Samsung maintains an extensive quality and reliability database. Keeping this amount of data on hand enables us to quickly deliver the most reliable packaging solutions to our customers, making Samsung the first-considered partner for business.

      Leading-edge technology

      Samsung leads the way in packaging technology development, with many innovations making their debuts in Samsung devices.
      Samsung has many #1 packaging technologies.

      • World-largest fine pitch flip chip packaging
      • World-first through silicon via technology mass production for high-density DRAM
      • World-first TSV SiP product development for mobile application processors
      • World-best package-on-package technology for smart phones
      • World-highest capacity flash memory stacking technologies for SSD