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Various Packages

Here you’ll find tools and utilities for developing your products and more specific technical support information.


QFP (Quad Flat Package)

Samsung's QFP (Quad Flat Package) is a surface-mounted integrated circuit package that has its leads extending from each of its four sides. QFPs are used primarily for surface mount devices (SMDs). Sockets for QFP packages are used only during an application's test phases, and hole mounting for QFPs is not possible. QFPs are available in versions having from 32 to over 300 pins with a pitch ranging from 0.4 to 1.0 mm. LQFP (Low profile QFP) and TQFP (Thin QFP) are special versions of QFP packages that have advantages such as smaller heights and thinner structures. Figure 1 illustrates the outer packaging and internal structure of a typical QFP package.

Samsung provides high-quality QFP packaging solutions at the required production scales at competitive costs.


QFPs have been used for several years for packaging and deploying increasingly complex devices, such as microprocessors/microcontrollers, ASICs, DSPs, programmable logic (FPGAs and CPLDs), static logic, memory devices, chipsets, video DACs, multimedia codecs, and other related applications. QFP applications are widely used in consumer and industrial products, automotive technology, computing devices, and other related segments.

CalmSHINE software development tools include:

  • Ease of mass production using standard technology and infrastructure, such as existing semiconductor fabrication plants
  • Wide range of available body sizes, from 7 x 7 mm, to 40 x 40 mm, with lead counts from 32 to 300
  • Availability of multiple pad sizes to meet application specific die requirements
  • Customized lead frame design capability using high conductivity copper

Thermal Performance

QFPs demonstrate excellent thermal performance in their small sized packages, since the size of the die paddle within the package can be increased up to the package's physical boundaries, for better heat dissipation.

Electrical Performance

QFPs also demonstrate outstanding electrical performance. The short lengths of their outer pins present very low impedances for power and ground connections, as well as low inductances (less than 0.5 nH) for high frequency signals. Several QFP packages provide an exposed pad, allowing the common ground connection to be made to it (a technique known as "down bonding"), and reducing unwanted effects such as ground bounce.


  • Visual inspection
  • Open/Short test
  • SAT inspection
  • Temperature cycling test : 5 cycles (-65°C~150°C), baking at 125°C for 24 hours
  • Moisture Soak test : 192 hours (30°C, 60% relative humidity)
  • IR reflow test : 220°C, test repeated 3 times