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      A high-efficiency caching solution that eliminates I/O bottlenecks in physical and virtual servers

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      Increase virtual machine (VM) density and efficiency by removing system clogs

      AutoCache is an I/O caching solution designed to increase virtual machine (VM) density and accelerate business-critical applications in servers by eliminating bottlenecks. I/O bottlenecks are eradicated by transparently moving copies of frequently accessed data to SSDs for quicker access. AutoCache first writes data to the SSDs and then copies it to disk drives, enabling the system to handle bursts of high-write requests at SSD speeds instead of slow disk speeds. The technology requires no guest OS agents and supports virtually all types of SSDs, including NVMe, SATA and SAS SSDs.

      AutoCache feature
      Up to 3x greater VM density per server
      Up to 3x greater VM density per server
      AutoCache removes the traditional I/O bottlenecks in virtual environment associated with multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) accessing the storage resources by transparently moving copies of the most frequently accessed data to Solid State Drives (SSDs) where it may be accessed more quickly. AutoCache implements write back caching, where data is first written to SSDs and later copied to disk drives in the background, allowing the system to handle bursts of high write requests at SSD speeds instead of disk speeds.

      Up to 4x increase in application performance
      Up to 4x increase in application performance
      AutoCache optimizes applications’ performance by leveraging the latest solid state technologies from Samsung and other venders. AutoCache has the intelligence to unleash the performance of flash by efficiently managing the I/O blender that virtualized servers create.

      Reduction in TCO
      Reduction in TCO
      By providing vertical integration from storage device to host, AutoCache 3.0 streamlines the work of servers, while reducing overall storage and caching costs in data centers.

      Incredibly easy to deploy with minimal on IT infrastructure
      Incredibly easy to deploy with minimal on IT infrastructure
      AutoCache requires no agent or Guest OS and integrates into existing management interface workflow such as vSphere. AutoCache can be installed in existing environment without rebooting the servers or the storage arrays. The default configuration works automatically.

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      AutoCache 3.1
      Accelerate business-critical applications cost-effectively
      VMware Certified

      AutoCache 3.1 fully supports VMware IO Filter (VAIO) to enable virtual data services. It supports all VMware value-added features such as VAAI, vMotion, HA, DRS, DPM, and VAIO. VMware Compatibility Guide

      Read and Write Back Caching

      Accelerates all types of IO operations for virtual machines while Minimizes traffic to datastores. Write back caching ensures data protection by replicating across hosts and optionally across multiple cache devices within a host.

      Industry-leading Performance

      Provides up to 300,000 IOPS per node - 2X the performance compared to existing caching solutions.

      Dynamic Caching System

      SSD and DRAM cache space is dynamically allocated to new Virtual Machine Disks. This guarantees that cache space is used optimally between virtual machines.

      More AutoCache features
      • Single-node read caching and multi-node write-back caching
      • Live installation without rebooting
      • Immediately accelerates DAS SAN and NFS without any reconfiguration
      • No agents for guest Oss
      • Full integration with Vsphere management infrastructure
      • Support for any SSD (NVMe, PCIe, SAS or SATA)
      • Support for up to 8 cache devices per host
      • Redundancy across multi-SSDs
      • Adaptive caching
      • Cache persistence across VM reboot
      • Cache fast warm feature
      • Cache remote host access feature that avoids performance disruption during vMotion™ migration
      Minimum system requirements
      • Operating system : VMware ESXi 6.0 U2 and later
      • Processor : 64-bit x86 processor with a minimum of 4 cores
      • DRAM : Minimum size : 32 GB
      • SSD : Minimum size : 64 GB
      AutoCache 2.1.1
      Obtain greater performance with higher throughput and lower latency

      AutoCache 2.1.1 is an I/O caching solution designed specifically to increase virtual machine (VM) density and accelerate business-critical applications in Virtual server, and is easy to deploy and maintain. Features of AutoCache 2.1.1 include:

      • Attaches I/O caching to hypervisor (not guest OS)
      • Requires absolutely no guest OS agent
      • Includes read cache with write-through and write-around I/O cache types
      • Supports leading enterprise SSDs with SATA, SAS or NVMe interfaces
      • Supports virtually any DAS or SAN storage protocols, including Block (Fibre Channel and iSCSI) and File (NFS)
      • Provides multiple adaptive algorithms that self-tune to workloads
      • Supports all VMware value-added features, such as VAAI, vMotion®, HA, DRS and DPM
      • Provides robust management, including VMware vCenter™ plug-in and VMware vSphere® virtual appliance; VMware vCenter role-based administration
      Minimum system requirements
      • Operating system : VMware ESXi 5.5
      • Processor : 64-bit x86 processor with a minimum of 2 cores
      • DRAM : Minimum size: 32 GB
      • SSD : Minimum size: 64 GB
      White Paper
      Make strong database
      performance stronger with Dell EMC PowerEdge and AutoCache
      Using server-side caching with AutoCache and Dell EMC PowerEdge the performance doubled
      3.1 for VMware
      Using flash devices to remove I/O bottlenecks for greater VM density and efficiency
      AutoCache™ for VMware
      A complete host-based I/O caching solution designed to accelerate business-critical applications
      HPE ProLiant: Serving the data center revolution
      HPE and Samsung offer new solutions to boost application performance for virtual server environments.
      AutoCache 3.0
      for VMware
      Using flash devices to remove I/O
      bottlenecks for greater VM
      density and efficiency
      2.1.1 for VMware
      AutoCache™ is the only I/O caching solution designed specifically to increase VM density and accelerate business critical applications in virtualized servers. This solution is incredibly easy to deploy and maintain, by virtue of being totally transparent to system resources and fully integrated with native management infrastructure for the hypervisor.
      Today's data centers are bottlenecked by storage and network I/O contention. This disparity limits application performance and the ability to achieve the maximum return on investment (ROI) from VMware® servers.
      Case Study
      BLDD Architects leverage AutoCache™ to increase productivity, save processing time, and optimize storage and CPU resource usage
      BLDD is an architectural and interior design firm with five offices across Illinois and Iowa. The firm has a virtual desktop environment with more than 84 employees utilizing design applications, such as Autodesk® Revit®, for executing projects and delivering services. The firm also uses VMware View®, which allows all desktops and data to be located in one place, while enabling users to use a virtual desktop from anywhere, whether they are at home or on the road.
      Case Study
      AutoCache boosts VM density and performance for Budd Van Lines
      Founded in 1975, Budd Van Lines is a nationwide independent household goods carrier specializing in relocating top executives of corporate America. Its corporate data center is located in Somerset, NJ, with a remote disaster recovery (DR) site in Corona, CA. Ninety percent of its data center users are in the Somerset headquarters.
      Case Study
      AutoCache resolves virtual server issues for MNJ Technologies Direct
      MNJ Technologies Direct is a full-service technology reseller with 100 employees running VMware View® virtual desktops.
      Case Study
      AutoCache equips training company with a cost-effective VMI storage solution
      PRIDE Enterprises (Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc.) is a nationally recognized prison inmate training company operating agricultural, sewn products, graphics, manufacturing and services facilities in Florida.
      Case Study
      AutoCache triples VM density using client's existing infrastructure
      Purchasing Power® is one of the country’s premier providers of employee purchase programs. Since it was founded in 2001, Purchasing Power has serviced more than 800,000 orders from employees of leading companies and organizations across the U.S., including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.
      Case Study
      AutoCache helps a cloud service provider deliver on SLAs
      Quadria is a cloud services and managed services provider headquartered in France, with 17 sites across Europe. The company serves over 5,000 customers across key industries, such as government, banking, insurance and health care.

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      AutoCache is available for enterprise and businesses around the globe from small and medium sized companies to data centers.
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