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Development Tools

Here you’ll find tools and utilities for developing your products and more specific technical support information.

CalmSHINE is SAMSUNG's own software development toolkit for SAMSUNG embedded RISC microprocessors CalmRISC family.

CalmSHINE provides a complete programming environment for the development of embedded applications in C built on CalmRISC processors. CalmSHINE software development tools offer highly optimizing C compiler and visualizing debugger which support advanced debugging ability. CalmSHINE generates highly optimized code through advanced and CalmRISC architecture-specific compiler optimization technologies and link-time optimization which reduce overall program size by identifying and removing redundant segments of code from object files.
CalmSHINE software development tools include:
  • Highly optimizing C compiler with extended keywords
  • C standard libraries
  • Linker to support various link-time optimization and
  • placement of code and data in complex memory maps
  • Instruction set simulation models
  • High performance debugging and run control units
There are two kinds of CalmSHINE software development toolkits:
  • CalmSHINE16Plus
  • CalmSHINE16

CalmSHINE16Plus offers improved compiler engine with more optimizations compared to CalmSHINE16. CalmSHINE16Plus achieves about 20% smaller code size and faster performance in most vectors.

CalmSHINE Structure

CalmSHINE Structure


For other requests or information regarding CalmSHINE software development tools, please send it to directly.


Emulator interface

You can download software for the emulator from YIC System's website

Device specific files

If you need device specific files, please contact to regional FAE.