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      Storage TCO Calculator

      Find out the potential cost saving of Samsung Enterprise SSD with interactive calculator

      Total Cost of Ownership of Enterprise SSD

      Step1. Help us understand your storage system needs
      1. Your existing or proposed HDD-based system
      2. Your RAID configuration
      3. Your workload
      4. Your drive replacement and maintennance expenses
      Existence (previous purchase) of a maintenance plan which covers the replacement of failed drives
      5. Your storage enclosures and environment
      Currently using rack-mounted or considering its usage
      (fixed compute, networking, cooling, or power space, in rack units)
      (including any relevant per-rack capital costs: power equipment, cooling H/W, switching, and cabling)
      Number of drives placed per enclosure
      6. Our estimates on your system performance
      Click the box on the right to make any adjustment to the numbers below
      Step2. Help us show you how your system can benefit from our Solid State memory
      1. In search for the best Samsung enterprise SSD for your needs
      Based on your responses, we recommend
      2. RAID configuration for your proposed SSD system
      3. Additional compression for your SSD system
      4. Additional de-duplication on your SSD system
      5. Half Height, Half-Length NVMe Enclosures
      Consideration of changing factory over-provisioning of the drives
      Future purchase of a maintenance plan which covers the replacement of failed drives