3D Sound Completes the Home Theater Experience

Jul 11, 2013

3D Sound Completes the Home Theater Experience

It’s a common experience these days: You bought a big, impressive 3D HDTV and couldn’t be happier with the spectacular images it delivers. But once you got past the initial “wow” factor, you began feeling a bit underwhelmed by the experience. The missing link might be an audio system that delivers truly three-dimensional sound.

Today’s impressive 3D HDTVs tend to hog the spotlight in home entertainment, leaving audio as an afterthought for many people. But sound is just as essential as sight to an involving home theater experience. A 3D sound system can produce audio that brings your TV’s spectacular images to life.

Making Moving Images More … Moving

When you go to the movies, it may be the images on the giant screen that dazzle you (whether they’re in 2D or 3D), but it’s the powerful sound system that draws you in emotionally. When you’re trying to re-create that experience at home, a high-quality HDTV is essential, but it’s really only half of the story. You won’t achieve the full immersive effect without sound that’s equally lifelike.

If you want to feel shaken and stirred by the latest James Bond Blu-ray, you need a sound system capable of delivering audio that can stand up to the state-of-the-art visuals. You might be surprised by how easy it can be to set up such a system and achieve a true home theater experience.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a home theater sound system:

- Genuine 3D audio. Look for a system that delivers precisely located sound. The Samsung 3D home entertainment system combines Smart 3D Blu-ray and 3D Sound Plus which produces a fully unified viewing/listening experience. Based on a proprietary audio algorithm, 3D Sound Plus matches audio to the action. Sounds seem to emanate from their visual locations—not just vertically and horizontally, but also depth-wise. That can make the difference between a spectacle you observe and an experience you sink into. To achieve the perfect effect, you can easily adjust the strength of 3D Sound Plus with a button on the remote.

- Natural sound. Most home theater systems have plenty of power and deliver crystalline audio. That doesn’t mean they produce lifelike sound. Many systems that sound impressive on first listen can begin to feel edgy and harsh by the end of a movie or album. Vacuum tubes give the Samsung home entertainment system a natural, lifelike sonic signature. People sound more like people, whether they’re singing an aria or shouting military commands.

- Easy speaker setup. Precise sound imaging requires careful positioning of speakers, especially the front pair. If they’re not placed just right, permanently wall- or ceiling-mounted speakers can limit you to a blurry soundstage. Built-in swivel-head units on top of the front speakers let you adjust the sound as needed—and, in effect, give you seven-channel surround with only five separate units.

Don’t cheat yourself out of a truly immersive home entertainment experience. Instead of focusing entirely on a high-quality TV, check out an equally immersive 3D sound system. Just don’t tell your local multiplex.