Compact camera lens features illuminated

Jan 23, 2013

Choose a Compact Camera with Great Lens

Can you get fast shooting, superior low-light performance, and shot versatility from your compact camera? Yes, but you’ll need wide-angle capability and the brightest lens possible. Read about the features you’ll want in the lens and about the Samsung SMART CAMERA EX2F, which has the brightest lens available in a compact camera.

The more you care about quality in the photographs you take, the more important having an exceptional lens will be to you, even in your compact camera. Read about the desirable qualities of digital camera lenses, and learn about the Samsung SMART CAMERA EX2F, which features a 24mm F1.4 lens, the brightest lens available in a compact camera.

Design and Manufacturing Quality

Designing a digital camera lens requires close attention to the physics of light wavelengths and refraction, to the science of lens coatings, and to the intricacies of how digital image sensors interact with the lens. Manufacturing the lens requires precision to ensure lens integrity and minimize flaws such as dispersion and aspheric aberrations. The Samsung SMART CAMERA EX2F uses a professional-grade lens, giving it outstanding lens quality for a compact camera.


The brightness of a lens refers to how much light it allows in, and is expressed by a ratio of focal length to aperture opening (measured in millimeters). The lower the number, the brighter the lens. Bright lenses are desirable in nighttime or dimly lit situations because they allow more light into the camera, giving you a better image of the festive wedding crowd or the players on a basketball court, without blurriness or shakiness. The F1.4 lens on the EX2F is the brightest lens available on a compact camera.

Working in tandem with the lens and just as important to the final photo—is the digital image sensor. The 1/1.7” BSI CMOS sensor on the EX2F offers high sensitivity to capture ultra-vivid, natural-looking photographs. The combination of the bright lens and the exceptional sensor allows you flexibility that most other compact cameras do not. For example, you can shoot images with a shallow depth of field, isolating your subject from the background for stunning portraits.

Neutral Density (ND) Filter

With a bright lens, a neutral density (ND) filter is desirable in order to compensate for any unwanted effects of bright light. For example, when using the bright, full F1.4 aperture opening, the amount of light will preserve every sharp detail, such as the individual hairs on a gray cat. With the ND filter, the hairs smooth out to look more natural. The ND filter also lets you create dynamic action at slow shutter speeds—to make a waterfall look like it’s rushing, for example. The Samsung SMART CAMERA EX2F comes equipped with a built-in ND filter to complement its bright lens.

Wide Angle

For versatility in the types of shots you can frame, you’ll want a wide-angle lens, which can capture expansive shots of distant mountain ranges, sweeping skylines, or vast oceanscapes. While few compact cameras incorporate a wide lens, the Samsung SMART CAMERA EX2F has an Ultra Wide 24mm lens.


Whether you’re shooting a sports event or a herd of wild elephants on safari, the ability to get a picture that’s close to the action without yourself getting closer to the object, is highly desirable. That’s the function a zoom lens provides. The complex construction of a zoom lens makes it more susceptible to lens aberrations, which can reduce image quality and distort sharpness. Generally speaking, compact cameras have lower-end lenses with many aberrations. The EX2F zoom covers a wide angle of 24mm to telephoto of 80mm, and its superior construction enhances image quality across all focal lengths and apertures.


Lens capability for macro, or close-up, photography can help you capture stunning natural images of flower petals or the minute details of an insect on a leaf—difficult challenges for cameras that don’t expressly handle macro. The EX2F’s best-in-class macro function gives you all the capabilities you need to take professional-quality photographs. Its 24mm wide angle, combined with the F1.4 lens, even enables you to capture a gorgeous, sharp image in front of an artful out-of-focus background. The EX2F also offers Super Macro mode, which lets you get as close as 1cm from the subject.

Quality, brightness, zoom, wide-angle, and macro—now that you know what to look for in a compact camera lens, you might decide to look no further than the Samsung SMART CAMERA EX2F, which provides the brightest lens in a compact camera, helping you take your best photographs.