Cool Android apps you just have to try!

Dec 20, 2011

A Samsung MP3 player with Android apps in a back pocket of woman's jeans

From staying up-to-date with up-coming traffic conditions to immersing yourself in your very own augmented reality, Android apps are providing users with endless ways of streamlining and simplifying life. Check out some of the latest and coolest apps available on your Android MP3 Player.

1. Qype – Enjoy access to the coolest reviews that are ideal for the adventurous. From places such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs to shops and services, there is always something to discover. There are currently millions of reviews and recommendations available, with over 150,000 cities and towns covered and a total of 850 categories to browse.

2. My Tracks – By accessing GPS tracking, this Android app allows you to track where your travel details, with everything from time, speed, distance and elevation available. This is the perfect app for those who enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, running or just about any outdoor activity. Once you have recorded your tracks you can then upload them onto Google Spreadsheets and put them into context with the help of Google Maps.

3. Movies – Catch the latest blockbuster thanks to the help of this cool Android app. It provides Movie-goers with access to the nearest cinemas to your location with times, reviews such as Rotten Tomatoes, cast lists, trailers and even posters of all the films playing.

4. TripIt – This handy little app is perfect for those who just love to travel. Featuring an easy-to-use itinerary for your trip, it also serves as a central hub for all your travel documents and emails such as eTickets, visa and travel notes.

5. The Post Office Ltd – Find your nearest post office easily with this time-saver Android app. It then gives an accurate breakdown of what services are available at each location. On top of that it includes a travel money calculator and tools to look up addresses and postcodes.

6. iPlayer – If you love your BBC content and want to get more from your TV licence, the BBC iPlayer Android app is a dream come true. You can watch and listen to the last 7 days of content from both BBC TV and Radio, with over 400 hours of content and even live streaming of your Most Popular and Featured TV programmes.

7. Layar – Immerse yourself in an augmented reality with the help of Layar Android app. By viewing your surrounding environment using your built-in video camera, you are able to see helpful information pop-up relating to the shops, monuments and other services within view. This app can be everything from educational, entertaining and a great way to finding money-saving deals.

8. Skifta – This is the first software tool to be given a DLNA certification, which means that it can turn your Android phone into an official DLNA device. This means streaming all of your household media to your phone, and beaming your phone videos to your TV. Requires Android 2.2 or higher.

9. RAC Traffic – Keep on top of the traffic conditions with the RAC traffic Android app. It automatically detects where you are via GPS Tracking and then informs you of any problems that are occurring nearby. From breakdowns to signalling errors, it is the best way to avoid mind-numbing traffic.

10. QUICKPEDIA – Need an answer fast? The quickest way to access the site Wikipedia is actually through the app Quickpedia. It brings the extensive content of Wikipedia to you with a simple tabbed interface that it perfect for mobile browsing. It also has other tools such as predictive searching, featured articles and the latest news.