Expert Tips on Filming Children

Dec 20, 2011

Several people using Samsung devices at tourist attraction

"A long-awaited family outing! Your children are running everywhere! Now,where are you filming them from? I'd rather stand far away and zoom in and out as needed??

Jan 20, 2011


"A long-awaited family outing! Your children are running everywhere! Now,
where are you filming them from?If you answer this question by saying,"I don’t even know where they will run to. If I chase them everywhere, I will only end up filming their backs.I'd rather stand far away and zoom in and out as needed??

Then you are probably trapped in a bad habit and have an unnecessary preoccupation when it comes to filming your children.
You do think that the main characters of your video are your children, don't you? Isn't that why you're standing far away again, trying to capture every moment of your children running here and there in this family movie of yours? Today, I would like to tell you about the optimal distance between the children and the person filming (the parent) which Cambaksa has briefly described in the past as the most important element when filming children.

This is the favourite position and distance used by many moms and dads. Since it's hard to predict where the children will run to, they think it's better to keep ample room in every direction and hold the camera at a distance with the children in direct line of sight. Is this really the best way?
Think about this for a moment. Say, if you were going to watch this video of your children in about 30 years, what would you love to see the most? Would it be the full figure of your children in every frame, or close up shots of your children speaking, moving hands, and making faces? Of course, you would love to see the close-up shots of your children talking and making faces!

Then, what would be the best way to capture your children's every word and gesture? See below.

Do you see the person filming sitting on the floor, looking up from below and talking right in front of the children's face? Isn’t it very different from the filming position and distance you often use? Always remember that you should capture your children's eyes, gestures, words, and faces. You may find the following tips useful.

1. Maintain eye contact -> This means that you must come down to your children's eye level.

2. Let your children see your face and hear your words -> This also means that you need to be as close to them as possible.

3. Sometimes try filming from very low or very high positions, looking up or looking down -> Think out of the box. Try filming by sitting down on the floor, or holding the camera high up.

In short, keep your body low to keep as much eye contact as possible with your children, get close enough to talk to your children, converse with your children, and sometimes film your children from unusual angles. Just free yourself from your old habit of standing far away from your children and making them the only main characters. Try the three things above and you will see that your video is much more fun and full of life.