GALAXY S III: It’s a Natural

Jan 21, 2013

Smartphones are getting more advanced by the minute. But impressive specifications and features don’t always add up to a device you’ll enjoy using everyday. The Samsung GALAXY S III provides a more natural, intuitive smartphone experience. It’s built on technological innovations but devoted to simple human satisfaction.

You know when something just feels right. The harmony of a natural landscape, knowing that a friend understands what you want before you’ve said a word, the simple appeal of intuitive design.

Today’s smartphones, as impressive as they may be, often fall short of that experience. They seem to be built to wow us out of the box rather than help us day to day. In the time in taking to learn a phone’s advanced features and idiosyncrasies, it can become obsolete. Your phone should understand you, not force you to understand it.

A Companion, Not Just a Tool

While it does pack some impressive technical innovations, we are creating a more natural experience that emerge from the way the phone feels in your hand. In contrast to most smartphones’ cold, metallic and boxy designs, the slim and rounded body slips into your hand as easily as a friend’s handshake

Given a large 4.8-inch screen, GALAXY S III allows you to control all the features with one hand. The custom colours of marble white and pebble blue, nature-themed user interface and sound effects harmonise with your environment and sensibilities.

A More Intuitive Experience

A smartphone shouldn’t make you jump through hoops to get what you want. The GALAXY S III takes that concept a step further by sensing and adjusting to your current needs. For example, the Smart Stay feature uses the camera to detect when you’re still reading, keeping the screen illuminated until you’re done. Likewise, S Voice understands your spoken requests and takes you directly to the information or service you need, from the weekly weather forecast to the location of the nearest pizzeria.

The same intuitive sense can even make your social interactions more natural, by removing obstacles between you and your friends. The GALAXY S III’s Social Tag feature* recognises your friends’ faces in photos so you can call someone straight from his or her photo. The Direct Call feature enables you to call someone whose text you’re reading, or whose contact info you’re viewing, simply by putting the phone to your ear.

Built for Freedom

The GALAXY S III isn’t just inspired by nature; it’s also designed to let you enjoy the natural world. A larger battery and enhanced processor give you more time away from the nearest power outlet. Meanwhile, the SUPER AMOLED screen can be viewed even under the brightest sunlight. It’s protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2, so you don’t have to treat your phone like a display piece.

The GALAXY S III also gives you a better sense on where you are located. It finds you faster and more accurately than previous models, thanks to the improved GPS capability of its Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS). Wherever the day takes you, the GALAXY S III will help you get the most out of it, Naturally.

*Requires Facebook app.