How a Smart TV Can Be a Great Home Gym Partner

Jun 18, 2013

Don’t let the thought of paying top dollar to work out in a public space with a bunch of sweaty strangers put you off of your fitness goals. The gym isn’t the right fit for everyone. But with motivation, self-discipline, and a few tools like hand weights and a Smart TV, success can be yours, in the comfort of your own home.

Although working out at home may be more convenient than going to a gym, in many ways it requires a deeper level of motivation. In the absence of typical morale-boosters like camaraderie with fellow gym-goers and encouragement from instructors, it can be tough to maintain enthusiasm for a home fitness routine.

But don’t throw in the gym towel just yet. With a determined mind and a solid game plan, it’s more than possible to achieve your fitness goals at home. Read on to see how.

Mix It Up

Keep things fresh by changing up your workout. You’ll see better results by varying your exercise routine (for instance, some days of strength, some of cardio, even some of gentle stretching or yoga), and you’ll keep yourself from getting bored. Incorporate variety into your workout location as well: Take your hand weights out to the backyard, or set off down the street for a jog.

Also take a helping hand from your electronics. Pop a workout disc into your Blu-ray player, stream an exercise routine on your laptop, or explore your SmartTV’s fitness offerings. Samsung Fitness, available on the ES8000 model SmartTV, is a motion-controlled app that features a built-in library of exercise routines and interactive tracking features to help you set and achieve your fitness goals.

Be Sneaky

Fit in little spurts of exercise throughout your day—you’ll be surprised how quickly they can add up. Do wall squats while brushing your teeth, calf raises while washing dishes, or jumping jacks during TV commercials.

Distract Yourself

Sometimes the best way to make it through a workout is to forget that you’re working out. Listen to your favorite music or an exciting audiobook during your routine, or read a magazine while (carefully!) walking on a treadmill.

Prevent Injury

There’s nothing more demotivating than injuring your body while trying to improve your health. Take the time to stretch, warm up, and cool down properly, and be sure to put on supportive shoes even though you’re not planning to leave the house.

Without the feedback provided by a trainer or a gym’s ubiquitous mirror-wall, it’s easy to slip into poor form and sustain an otherwise preventable injury. Samsung Fitness features a “virtual mirror” where you can view a live video feed of your own movement in split-screen with the video instructor, to ensure that you’re using proper form and doing the exercise in the safest and most effective way.

Set a Goal

Having a defined goal to work toward is a great motivator. Whether it’s a target weight, a clothing size, or a key health marker like blood pressure or cholesterol level, set—and track—your goal.

Samsung Fitness can help you monitor your progress by collecting your fitness data and crunching the numbers to illustrate your progress toward your goals. There’s even a compatible Wi-Fi body scale (sold separately) to help keep you up-to-date and honest!

Schedule It

Don’t let “fitness” be the one item on your to-do list that never seems to get done. Schedule a regular time for exercise, and then do it! But also remember that every little bit counts. If something comes up and you don’t have a full hour to do your planned workout, even 20 minutes is better than nothing.

Partner Up

Having a workout partner not only makes exercise more fun, it makes you more accountable. When you recruit a neighbour or family member to join your workouts, you both win: Your partner gets fit while helping you stay motivated.

Get Over Guilt

Don’t let a sink full of dirty dishes or some other nagging task distract you from your goals. The demands on your time may be great, but you deserve to dedicate some of your precious time to taking care of your health. The dishes will, unfortunately, wait for you.

Reward Yourself

Although better health is a reward in and of itself, promising yourself a prize can be a great additional motivator. Bonus points for something that will contribute to your fitness goals, such as a new bike or an upgraded MP3 player!

Staying motivated to maintain a fitness routine at home takes self-discipline, but it can be achieved. Many of the factors that contribute to your success will be mental, but tools like a Samsung Smart TV with its built-in Fitness application can help put you on the right track.