Tips to Plan, Capture, and Share Your Travel Fun

Plan Ahead for Travel Success

  • Double-check your flight and hotel bargains. Of course you’ll be using your GALAXY Note to check your favourite discount travel site apps (such as,, for the best deals, but double-check with the airline, hotel, or car rental agent’s own website. Depending on the company, you might be able to get a better deal when you book directly through the vendor.

  • Keep all your important travel information at your fingertips. Your schedule is handily available on your GALAXY Note S Planner, which lets you quickly zoom into calendar page views to see the details of your trip. Easily attach media to your S Memo notes such as maps, links, contacts, pictures and even voice memos. You can jot down items by handwriting as S Planner allows you to automatically convert your handwritten notes to text.

  • Map your transportation routes beforehand. Call or email your hotel to see if it offers amenities like free or inexpensive shuttles to and from the airport. Get at least a working idea of what your daily transportation options are. For example, is your hotel near a public transportation hub? However if you have plan to travel around, your Samsung GALAXY Note can act as a GPS system, mapping your location with Google Maps and helping you to find your way. If you’re in a car, the GALAXY Note travel dock can be mounted right on the dashboard.

  • Get the latest local info. Restaurant information can be changed in a flash. For recommendations, use your Samsung GALAXY Note to access restaurants review websites and travel sites, and connect with locals via blogs and Twitter feeds for the cutting edge of cuisine recommendations.

Capture and Share the Details

  • Capture the details. Don’t trust the vistas and the venues to your memory: Keep a camera handy throughout your trip. The camera and video capture capabilities in the Samsung GALAXY Note means you don’t have to lug another device, and the large memory capacity lets you take plenty of shots.

  • Crop your shots. Quick snapshots don’t always have the composition you’d like, but that’s not a worry with the GALAXY Note. It provides traditional crop options but also lets you crop freehand. Use the S Pen to trace exactly the shape you’d like, eliminating unwanted details.

  • Save your impressions. Record your trip highlights right on your Samsung GALAXY Note screen. The S Pen and S Memo features allow you to easily “write” with the pen or your fingertip, even write over any image or on the “back” of your photos. Use your own touch to draw by hand, as well. In any either way to choose to express yourself, you’ll be able to view your journal notes later, with superior clarity.

  • Share with your family and friends. Let your loved ones know about all the sights you’re seeing and let them share in the fun. Post your personalised photos to social media site with the help of the Wi-Fi capability on the GALAXY Note which makes it easy. Moreover, the AllShareTM function enables you to share your trip’s photos, videos, and much more across supported devices such as mobile phones, PCs, televisions, and cameras.

Samsung GALAXY Note, the perfect travel companion, has long battery life, which is a boon when you’re on-the-go, and it comes complete with a travel adapter. Plus, its large, HD-quality 1280x800 WXGA Display Screen delivers exceptional clarity, so you can enjoy watching videos if your flight is delayed.