Cutting the Cords

  • Pre-pack toiletries. The hours before your departure can be especially anxious. Reduce the number of things you have to remember by maintaining a bag of travel-size toiletries. When you return home, just replenish any items that are running low, and you'll be ready for your next adventure.
  • Entertain yourself on the plane. A laptop is great for in-flight fun, but keeping it out of the way when drinks or meals are served, or when your seatmate needs to get by, can be awkward. And let's not even mention the whole security line ordeal. Unfortunately, conventional smartphones are too small to really immerse you in a movie, game, or e-book. The Galaxy Note's 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED gives you a big, vivid screen without the bulk of a laptop or tablet.
  • Schedule smarter. Getting away from it all can require a lot of logistics. Your calendar should do more than just remind you what time the boat is leaving. With the Galaxy Note's S Planner, you can easily include maps, links to contacts, and pictures with your schedule items. No more guessing which apartment belongs to your long-lost cousin.
  • Eat better. Eating whatever's available at the airport, on the train, or on the street can leave you feeling unwell, potentially complicating your plans. Pack some healthy snacks in advance.
  • Shoot like a director. The camera on a smartphone may be fine for posting casual photos and videos online, but does it do justice to that majestic view of the Alps? You don't have to pack a separate camera to take great video. The Galaxy Note has full HD video recording and playback.
  • Capture impressions, not just images. Write labels on each of your vacation photos. Or make a sketch of a street scene and record local sounds to bring your drawing to life. In addition to a touch screen, the Galaxy Note also has an S Pen for precise, fast, and rich input much like that of an actual pen, and S Memo for multimedia "notes to self." Inspiration doesn't call ahead for an appointment. Be ready.
  • Stay in charge. Eclectic usage can quickly drain a portable device's battery. The Galaxy Note's large energy reserve means you won't have to rush back to the hotel.

Whether you’re a thousand miles from home or on your way to the office, you can never be sure what will come your way. The Galaxy Note can keep you properly equipped—but not overburdened—for whatever the day brings.

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