• An innovative base station for the Cloud Display, that is sure to deliver high performance computing sessions, MagicRMS and desktop virtualisation



The TB-CH base stand allows you to benefit from your Cloud Display's integrated Remote Management Software, which saves you time by enabling you to manage all your devices centrally. MagicRMS Pro technology also enables the remote upgrading of firmware to all devices for maximum convenience.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design
The TB-CH base stand maximizes the effectiveness of the Cloud Display's variety of ergonomic features that are specifically designed to enhance working conditions and ensure comfortable use over long periods. The stand is height-adjustable, increasing the monitor's height range by up to 120mm, and its tilt settings can be adapted to suit every user’s needs.
Citrix Zero Client

Citrix Zero Client

The TB-CH base stand allows you to consolidate the majority of your IT resources into a single, convenient data centre. It is a reliable option which provides a powerful computing experience via the Internet, without compromising on performance or information. It also lets you run multiple virtual devices, making it an ideal solution for a complex business environment.
Realise the All-In-One Form Factor with your existing monitor

Realise the All-In-One Form Factor with your existing monitor

The TB-CH base stand combines with the Samsung or any other VESA compatible displays to bring you an elegant all-in-one product to innovate your workspace. The stand helps maximise the potential of your Cloud Display’s multiple integrated features and functions.
What is VDI?

What is VDI?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to gain access to secure desktop environments via a centrally managed data centre. Employees benefit from an excellent virtual desktop experience that can be remotely accessed from a broad range of authorised devices. VDI lowers costs, increases data security and control, and provides excellent support to a mobile workforce. It is ideal for both zero client and thin client configurations.



  • D-Sub

    VGA Out
  • DVI

    DVI Out
  • USB

  • Audio In/Out

    Audio Out / Headphone Out / MIC In
  • Speaker



  • Colour

  • Stand Type

    Pivot / Tilt / Height Adjustable
  • Wall Mount

    75 x 75 / 100 x 100
  • Form Factor

    Stand Only


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