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  • SMART Signage SMART Signage

    SMART Signage Versatile, dual Mirror-signage Displays

    Futuristic, appealing Mirror Display for stylish salon showcasing that combines the power of digital signage with the visual clarity of a standard mirror for a more engaging customer experience.
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  • SMART Signage01

    SMART Signage Video walls that make an impact

    Get customers' attention with an eye-catching video wall
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  • SMART Signage03

    SMART Signage Video walls that make an impact

    Get customers' attention with an eye-catching video wall
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7 Years of Innovative Signage Solution
Samsung has been the world’s top display and signage company for more than seven years now, thanks to its strong lineup of leading displays and content management software. Starting in 2009 when Samsung Signage took 12.6 percent of the world market, the company has continued growing, reaching a record 28.1 percent last year.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest innovations and most popular products Samsung has released since becoming the market leader in 2009.

Case Study
Samsung Unveils First Commercial Installation of Its Mirror Display
Samsung Electronics, a worldwide leader in innovative display solutions, announced that its mirror display has been commercially installed for the first time in a LEEKAJA HAIRBIS salon in Seoul, Korea.
Solution Brief
Why Samsung SMART Signage?
Enliven your business messaging with a proven digital signage provider backed by 6 years of market leadership.
Case Study
Manchester Airport Case Study
Manchester Airport has upgraded its customer interface technology offering and is kept up to date on new products as they are launched, helping to better shape their decisions and plan for the airport’s future accordingly.

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