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    Find out how Samsung can help create an immersive learning experience that empowers this new generation of digital natives.


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  • Improve the Quality of Education through Collaboration

    Improve the Quality of Education through Collaboration

    Collaborate with other educators to deliver engaging curriculum that motivates students

    Collaborate with other educators to actively discuss and develop new teaching methods that leverage on new technology. Overcome the drawbacks of traditional, one-way education methods. Meet the demands of the digitally savvy students who are used to viewing rich content and participating in community-based interactions using digital devices.
    78% OF K-12

    said technology has a positive impact on classrooms and the productivity of students1

    1Center for Digital Education, A Roadmap to Digitally Delivered Education (2013)
    Two teachers are sharing ideas as they look at a couple of monitors.
    Sharing New Ways of Teaching
    Enhance traditional, one-way educational methods and seek interactive ways of teaching by adopting solutions like Samsung School and MagicInfo Interactive White Board. Teachers can enhance this by collaborating with other teachers who are also interested in innovative education.

    Using Samsung devices, educators can easily connect with peers to learn new skills and to develop, share and discuss other ways to improve interactive education.
    A group of teachers are enjoying some coffee as they share educational materials on their tablets.
    Sharing Educational Materials More Effectively
    Teachers well-versed in creating digital educational materials can upload and share their work with other educators to help promote new ways of teaching.

    Teachers can also learn about education trends and new teaching methods virtually anytime, anywhere by using tablets to access online teaching materials and communities.
    Sharing Teaching Experience
    Sharing Teaching Experience
    Teachers can enhance their teaching methods by collaborating with fellow teachers who are interested in driving innovative ways of learning. With Samsung devices, educators can connect with peers to learn new skills and explore ways to leverage technology for better learning outcomes.
  • Create an Interactive Learning Experience

    Create an Interactive Learning Experience

    Drive Interactive Learning Outcomes

    Boost student participation by letting them explore, interact, and experience a digital way of learning. Give students access to teachers and a pool educational resources in and outside the classroom. Allow students to conduct team projects and group discussions using collaboration tools and applications almost anytime, anywhere.

    have a digital content (curriculum) strategy containing elements such as e-Textbooks, Web 2.0 tools, Instructional games and simulations, video and audio1

    1Center for Digital Education, Digital School Districts Survey (2012)
    A student is presenting a photo of a fish on her tablet in front of her classmates.
    Active Learning through Role Play
    Teachers can allocate topics to groups of students to work on by sharing their tablet content to student tablets. Students can also create short skits around the topics and present to their classmates.
    Teachers can increase classroom participation by incorporating interactive learning activities on Samsung devices.
    A student is solving a math problem on his tablet in a classroom that has an interactive whiteboard.
    Facilitating Group Discussion
    Facilitate active discussions by letting students brainstorm challenging topics or questions together in groups. Teachers can share students' ideas and proposed solutions wth the entire class, via students' tablets to a large display like the Interactive White Board using screen sharing technology. This encourages students to learn from different perspectives and adopt different ways to tackle a challenge.
    A teacher is in a classroom explaining to students about the solar system using an interactive whiteboard.
    Simulate various environments in the classroom
    Classrooms need not be bound to their physical settings. Transform the classroom learning environment to suit your teaching needs by using Samsung's immersive display technologies and the Interactive White Board (IWB) to simulate various environments and settings within the classroom.
    A teacher is using a tablet to check the answers of a student's math homework.
    Mobile Learning
    Teachers can teach more effectively by conducting real-time Q&A sessions on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They can also annotate, sketch or draw using S-pen technology on our smart devices.
    A student is learning through an interactive video lecture on her tablet.
    Peer-group Learning
    Interactive Learning is a form of learning that takes place through the interactions that students have with their peers, teachers, and other experts.

    The Samsung School solution maximizes the students' ability to interact with each other through discussion, collaboration, and feedback.
  • Increase School Operational Efficiency

    Increase School Operational Efficiency

    Manage students easily by adopting a flexible educational system

    Implement a scalable educational system that has the flexibility to accommodate increasing number of students. Improve operational efficiency by leveraging data to see a clearer picture of the institution's performance. Allocate educational resources effectively to provide quality education for every student.

    strongly agree or agree that creating an integrated digital learning environment using interoperable technologies is a top priority1

    1Center for Digital Education, Technology Integration Survey (2013)
    A teacher is creating some educational content on her computer.
    Creating Educational Content More Easily
    Teachers can leverage technology to create digital lesson materials that engage and capture students' attention.

    User friendly Content authoring tools also make it easy for teachers to learn, adopt and effectively deliver rich, interactive educational content.
    A teacher is printing educational content using a cloud printing solution on her tablet.
    Work on the go
    Establishing a cloud printing environment allows faculty members to print materials even when they are away from the office, allowing for remote reporting.

    Give faculty members access to a company network for easy sharing of documents with other members.
    A teacher is sharing educational content between his tablet and smartphone.
    Convenient Device & Data Management
    Samsung digital devices are easy to manage so teachers can experience the full benefits of technology with ease of management.

    Important data such as student information can be stored in a secured environment so the faculty has peace of mind on data security or privacy infringements.

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