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  • Two government officers are utilizing GPS technology to monitor the location of a military serviceman on a monitor. Two government officers are utilizing GPS technology to monitor the location of a military serviceman on a monitor.


    Find out how Samsung can help enhance public services and defense operations with highly secure communications.


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  • Establish Secure Government Communications & Heightened Efficiencies

    Establish Secure Government Communications & Heightened Efficiencies

    Ensure the safe and secure delivery of digital services to protect information and privacy
    Encourage flexible and efficient communication between government agencies by establishing an optimal security system. Provide a wide range of innovative devices, solutions and infrastructure to transform the work culture into a collaborative environment. Achieve productivity gains and reduce communication costs by leveraging the latest mobile technology.
    Government agents are in a meeting room having a video conference on a large format display.
    Secure Virtual Collaboration
    Government employees can collaborate easily and securely with one another across worldwide locations with video conferencing technology on large flat displays. Equipped with cameras, these displays can automatically power on at meeting times. Participants in the conference room and participants at the remote location can collaborate seamlessly through a secure unified communication system.
    A government agent is talking on a secured smartphone in an office.
    Call Protection for Mobile Phones
    Government officials often need to communicate highly sensitive information and data. With a security VoIP solution for Samsung smartphones, administrative offices can replace large desk phones and conduct confidential communications on mobile devices for greater flexibility without compromising on security.
    A government agent is checking some information on a smartphone in the car on the way to a conference.
    Common Criteria-certified Mobile Security
    Federal agencies need flexible and secure mobility solutions to enable the exchange of classified information among government officials. Common Criteria-certified mobile devices can ensure secure collaboration in almost any location, boosting operations efficiency
    A government agent is checking some information on a smartphone in the car on the way to a conference.
    Voice encryption
    With advanced encryption technology, eavesdropping—one of the most dangerous threats to government communication may be prevented. End-to-end encrypted voice services and messaging blocks external intervention and allow classified information to be communicated safely.
  • Enable Field Personnel with Cutting Edge Technology

    Enable Field Personnel with Cutting Edge Technology

    Modernize defense personnel with digitally enhanced tactical communication and situational awareness
    Execute efficient defense operations by embedding technology—smartphones, tablets, GPS, camera, etc.—into the entire combat process. Equip defense personnel with mobile devices updated with the latest security standards to ensure quick and secure command delivery and report, leading to tactical advantages.
    A soldier out in the field is viewing a GPS map on a smartphone.
    Tactical Communication
    Government personnel can communicate in real-time by utilizing tablets, providing a more efficient delivery of instructions from the operation centre to the field. Real-time communication through tablets enables not only voice communication, but also the sharing of images and videos. Field personnel can therefore execute tasks accurately
    A soldier out in the field is checking an alert message on a wearable device that he is wearing.
    Enhancing Situational Awareness & Immediate Reporting
    Equipping field personnel with anti-shock and anti-dust ruggerdized mobile devices enables them to always be fully aware of their environment. With accurate knowledge of their physical context—current GPS location, weather conditions, and geographical surroundings—field personnel can minimize risks within the Area of Operation. When missions are cleared, field personnel can report the results on-the-spot using mobile devices.
  • Improve Public Services with Mobile Solutions

    Improve Public Services with Mobile Solutions

    Leverage the benefits of mobile technology to improve the productivity of public service

    Increase the amount and quality of work personnel can do in the field with telework and mobile equipment. Drive operational excellence by reducing operation processing time and expenses through service automation, and increase efficiency through various mobile capabilities.
    74% OF THE IACP*

    reported that using social media has helped them solve crime in their jurisdiction (*IACP: International Association of Chiefs of Police)1

    1Accenture, Preparing police services for the future (2013)
    A policeman is checking a suspect's profile on a tablet using a stylus pen.
    Modernizing Law Enforcement
    Officers can use mobile devices to access sensitive data to improve their productivity in the field. Enforcement of illegal parking can be made easier with optical character recognition (OCR) software on mobile devices.
    Firefighters are working in the field with wearable devices on their wrists.
    Safe & Efficient Fire Rescue
    Firefighters face many situations that require the use of both hands. Having wearable devices on their wrists allow them to perform their duties more efficiently and safely.
    A group of caseworkers are viewing a map on a tablet together.
    Increasing Fieldworker Productivity
    Mobile solutions can help fieldworkers simplify their jobs by allowing them to operate as truly mobile workers. With rugged tablets and smartphones, GPS navigation, and wireless access to files, caseworkers can be far more productive in the field.

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