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  • A doctor is pointing at a large digital display to show his patient and her family member her medical record. A doctor is pointing at a large digital display to show his patient and her family member her medical record.


    Discover how Samsung can help provide connected, patient-centric care with optimal efficiencies.


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  • Mobile Health

    Mobile Health

    Provide diverse mobile offerings via an integrated healthcare management platform

    • Improve quality of care by providing continuous care from hospital to home.
    • Optimise cost-to-serve by utilising remote care/self-care.
    • Build patient trust and loyalty.

    year-over-year increase of clinicians communicating with patients electronically1

    1Accenture Doctors Survey, US (2015)
    A clinician is answering her patient's questions, aided by a tablet displaying the patient's electronic medical record.
    Provide a connected inpatient experience and enable effective clinician-patient communication
    A connected digital experience that starts the moment the patient checks in and ends the moment they are discharged can increase clinical efficiency to benefit both patients and staff. As patients check themselves in using a Galaxy Tablet, nurses can be notified right away. The main physician can then examine the patient, perform tests, and upload the diagnosis to the patient’s EMR (Electronic Medical Record) automatically. Any treatments performed can also be updated to the patient’s EMR. The physician can also sync the tablet with the Smart Signage in the patient’s room to show and explain progress status and charts directly to the patient. And lastly, once the patient is discharged, the nurse can explain post-care plans and send relevant information and an electronic prescription to the patient’s mobile device, as well as receive the patient’s digital signature on their mobile device to confirm discharge and payment.
    A mother and her young son, with his arm in a sling, are video conferencing with his doctor through a tablet.
    Extend the reach of care beyond hospitals
    More and more patients are comfortable with the idea of using technology to communicate with doctors instead of seeing them in person. Extend the reach of care beyond hospital walls by utilising the Galaxy Tablet or Gear to remotely monitor and manage patients. Physicians can conduct virtual measurements and health assessments, check for medication adherence, and provide health education. With Electronic Health Record (EHR) and registry integration, they can also coordinate care and make clinical documentations. Lastly, physicians can conduct virtual visits, thanks to HD video conferencing, multi-party calling, and screen sharing.
    A woman is jogging with her mobile device strapped to her arm, collecting data on her fitness activities.
    Easily manage your day-to-day health and fitness
    You can empower your patients to take control of their health and personal wellness via a mobile health management app like S Health. Using a Galaxy embedded with S Health, patients can stay fit with the personal fitness coach, track their daily activities, and accomplish fitness milestones. All of the data conveniently collected by the app can be shown all at once to their physician who can then provide better care and prescribe treatment recommendations based on the data.
    A doctor is logging into a database of patient records on his highly secured tablet.
    Provide a highly secured environment to control access and safeguard the integrity of electronic health records
    Security is a key concern surrounding mobility support in healthcare. Which is precisely why KNOX, Samsung’s mobile security platform, works in the background of all of your devices to provide top-notch, government-certified security. Being of defense-grade security and easy and secure manageability, KNOX offers a myriad of safety measures to ensure that patient information or confidential records are kept secure and protected from unauthorized access, leaks and hacks.
  • Healthcare & Medical Equipment

    Healthcare & Medical Equipment

    Deliver informative, accurate diagnoses and care

    • Create higher throughput through automated efficiency and auditing.
    • Maximise patient comfort with a patient-centric design and diagnostic environment.

    feel that it is important for their medical providers to offer electronic capabilities1

    1Accenture, Accenture Consumer Survey on Patient Engagement (2013)
    Clinicians are viewing and discussing a radiological image on a clear imaging system.
    Optimise diagnostic accuracy and operations with modern technologies
    In Radiology, superior imaging and convenient usability are crucial components of an efficient radiography system. With Samsung’s Digital Radiography System, you can rest assured that both of these aspects are covered. Crystal-clear, detailed imaging combined with greater depth and a superior dynamic image range allows for increased accuracy and visibility. A light-weight, wireless detector available in a range of sizes not only increases patient throughput, but also allows for continuous reliable operation and increased productivity. optimise diagnostic accuracy for higher diagnostic confidence.
    A medical professional is supervising the CT scanning of a patient in a mobile CT scanner.
    Experience the power of advanced imaging
    A mobile CT can make all the difference in the world when it comes to creating hospital-wide flexibility. Samsung’s mobile CT Scanner offers complete portability, thanks to a built-in drive and battery system. This is especially important for the ER, where rapid triage and management of patients with acute injuries are key elements, or in ICU, where patients cannot be easily moved. The mobile CT Scanner is also suitable for Neurology, as it can transform any operating room into an intraoperative imaging suite, complete with high-quality imaging that can enhance neuro-navigation and surgical outcomes. Not to mention, simple integration with EMR and planning systems makes these mobile CTs more convenient than ever.
    A doctor is sitting by a patient, with her ultrasound scan visible on the diagnostic screen in the background.
    Diagnose effectively with innovative digital processing
    Whether it’s for radiology, neurology, cardiology or obstetrics and gynecology, having a dependent and reliable ultrasound device is necessary to have the confidence and clarity to make the right diagnosis. Samsung’s Ultrasound Systems provide the crystal clear imaging needed for diagnostic accuracy, thanks to various features that provide enhanced image clarity, higher sensitivity and penetration, unrivaled uniformity, and minimised noise. They also come equipped with cutting-edge technology for challenging diagnoses such as multi-modality diagnosis, breast assessment, cardiovascular disease and women’s health issues, allowing for more efficient diagnoses which can lead to higher patient throughput.
    A medical professional is holding the hand of a patient who is undergoing an emergency blood test in an ambulance.
    Perform quick and accurate blood testing with in-vitro diagnostics
    Samsung In-Vitro Diagnostics offers easy blood sampling and a simple three-step testing process with an automated sample rotor for the fast and accurate results physicians need. A compact, ergonomic design and intuitive UI make it easy to use in emergency situations.
  • Digital Hospital

    Digital Hospital

    Create a patient-centreed environment via digitally-enabled patient accessibility and seamless operations

    • Increase patient confidence by providing the best hospital experience.
    • Increase costs and productivity by optimising hospital operations.

    support hospital investment in IT for improving communication with staff1

    1Accenture (2013)
    Hospital staff are viewing the electronic medical records of a patient on a tablet and computer monitor.
    Optimise the hospital environment through technology
    Creating a patient-centered environment starts with implementing a digital infrastructure to enable a wide range of services that improve patient comfort, enhance staff-patient interactions, and ensure the seamless and cost-effective operation of the facilities. Equipping your staff with Samsung Mobile Device and Gear ensures that they are always connected for efficiency flow of information. When it comes to building energy management, you can maximise your hospital’s energy economy and reduce energy costs with the System Air Conditioner with DMS and S-Net 3. Control a large number of units from anywhere at any time, individually or simultaneously as a group according to a variety of control options. maximise cost-efficiency even further with an energy consumption analysis for economical building management.
    A clinician is using an interactive digital display to discuss a medical image with a fellow clinician holding a tablet.
    Communicate critical information to patients and staff
    Interactive Touch Display with Samsung proprietary content management system - MagicInfo allows you to deliver information and services remotely in real-time to patients and visitors. In the lobby or waiting areas, patients can engage with the interactive touch content – created and controlled centrally via the hospital network – while they wait. The Displays can also provide all the information your staff need in real-time, communicating with nearby devices to circulate important messages and notifications to make collaborations and briefings more efficient and productive.
    A clinician at the bedside of an elderly patient is describing the hospital layout and amenities, aided by a tablet and a smart TV.
    Enhance the patient experience through digital convenience
    Make your hospital rooms as comfortable and personal as hotel rooms through digital conveniences - Smart Hospitality Display with the LYNK SINC and LYNK REACH solution. As soon as a patient enters their room, the Smart Hospitality Display can greet them with a personalized message for a warm and welcoming experience. They are no longer constraints to the channels on the Display for entertainment. The patient can simply sync their mobile device with the Display to interact with their own personal content. Patients can even do some self-ordering and make service requests through the Display for utmost convenience.
    A medical professional holding his smart staff ID is printing documents on a printer equipped with mobile printing capabilities.
    Mobilize your staff with secure and compliant solutions
    In an industry where time wasted can mean the difference between life and death, speedy real-time communication is crucial. Connect all of your staff with a Galaxy Smartphone or Tablet, for quick and secure messaging to provide healthcare professionals with a single corporate-liable device. Optimize your printing costs while increasing efficiency with the PrinterOn Cloud Print solution where cloud mobile printing and scanning can be done quickly and securely, minimizing processing and wait time. It also allows your staff to print from anywhere and from any device, including displays, tablets, and smartphones.

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