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    Learn how Samsung can modernize hotels to provide a seamless and personalized experience that guests remember.


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  • Deliver a Seamless Guest Experience

    Deliver a Seamless Guest Experience

    Build brand loyalty by providing personalized services beyond guest expectations

    Deliver a seamless guest experience by embedding the latest technologies on our digital signage and tablets into the entire guest journey. Differentiate your hospitality brand by delivering an impressive, personalized experience that leaves a lasting impression.

    that by 2020, guests will expect their stay to be personalized around a set of choices they make before they arrive1

    1Samsung, Transforming the guest experience (2013)
    A man is in a cab and using an app on his smartphone to check into his hotel in advance.
    Easy Check ins / Mobile Check in
    Guests are able to check into the hotel and access their rooms, hotel faciliates and services via mobile devices without having to actively engage hotel staff at the reception.
    A guest is using a smartphone to adjust the conditions of her room, and in the background a personalized welcome message is being displayed on a large
    A Home Away from Home
    Guests can access the doors to their rooms with a swipe of their phones. Inside, the air-conditioning and ultra-efficient lighting can be pre-set to their preferred settings while hospitality TVs display personalized messages with useful information and relevant promotions during the stay. Guests can also connect to the Wi-Fi hub, built directly into the TV, via their smart phones.
    A guest is exercising at a hotel fitness center while wearing a wearable device on her arm.
    Personalized Health & Fitness
    Hotels can provide a personal health management service that guests can register for to receive messages on their smartphone about their current health status. Health status information such as heart rate, calories burned, distance travelled, steps taken and rate of speed can be measured by wearable devices that guests use while exercising.
    A guest is checking out of the hotel using a tablet as she enjoys breakfast in her room.
    Checking out is a breeze
    Checking out can be made simple and fuss-free. Let guests enjoy the last part of their stay and leave a lasting impression. Guests can browse through news over breakfast via tablets at the restaurant or even treat themselves to a last-minute spa promotion session featured on the tablets. Back in their rooms, guests can settle their bill via in-room tablets whilst packing up. Checking out was as easy as checking in.
  • Achieve Operational Excellence

    Achieve Operational Excellence

    Streamline operations with automated and integrated management

    Drive operational excellence by reducing operating expenses with service automation and increase efficiency through tools like integrated property management, business intelligence and customer relationship management systems via mobile devices. Ensure flexible and efficient operations by empowering staff with mobile solutions. Save on energy costs by investing in energy-efficient technology.

    positively to investing in technology to improve their REVPAR(Revenue per available room)1

    1RezNext Global Solutions, Technology investments to be a top priority in hospitality industry: RezNext Survey report (2014)
    Cleaning staff are wearing wearable devices on their wrists as they are making a bed.
    Excellent service from staff
    Staff attention for guests makes all the difference in the quality of hospitality service. Equip staff with wearable devices so they can serve guests easily, whether it’s opening a door, carrying items or serving them at a restaurant.

    Staff can also provide higher-quality service by always being in touch with guests’ needs through constant communication and monitoring of room status (e.g. occupied vs. non-occupied) via tablets.
    A cleaning staff member is wearing a wearable device and communicating with other departments using a tablet.
    Smooth communication across departments
    Pre-empt and meet guests' needs promptly. Front desk staff can easily relay guests' requests via mobile devices or tablets to housekeeping staff on the move. Seamless communication increases efficiency and frees up resources while delivering optimal service quality to guests.
    A guest is accessing an interactive touch panel in the corridor to make a reservation.
    Letting Guests Take Control
    Providing interactive displays around the hotel allows guests to freely access services like check in and check out, food ordering, reservations and event scheduling. This is a win-win system for guest and staff. Front-line staff can concentrate on providing personalized interactions rather than time-intensive processes, keeping guest satisfied and returning.
    A hotel room is being lit with energy-efficient lighting.
    Green Savings
    Adopting green technology help hotels optimize energy resources and increase operational efficiencies. In rooms, deploying energy conserving air conditioning units and lighting can minimise the eco-footprint. Hotels can also use significantly less energy by using LED bulbs that have a lifespan of several years.
  • Modernize the Hotel with Convergent Technologies

    Modernize the Hotel with Convergent Technologies

    Create a luxury environment with state-of-the-art digital technology

    Provide a wide range of innovative devices, solutions and infrastructures to transform the hospitality environment and attract tech-savvy travelers. Utilize the latest computers, tablets, cameras, and air conditioners to ensure staff and communal areas maintain the highest standards.

    that providing guests with innovative, high-quality and interactive solutions will enhance loyalty and increase room occupancy levels1

    1Samsung, Transforming the guest experience (2013)
    A video wall hanging in a hotel lobby is displaying real-time local information.
    An Impressive Lobby
    Impress guests with the use of smart technology and digital signages at the lobby to create an unforgettable experience. Digital displays can recreate spaces with various themes and transform the ambient environment. Displays can also feature useful local information like local festivities, weather forecast or exchange rates that travellers will find relevant during their stay.
    A guest is in her room using a tablet and a UHD TV to video chat with her family.
    Integrated Smart Rooms
    Equip hotel rooms with smart technologies that let guests personalize room settings to their preferences. Centralize key room functions onto the Tablet to control TV content, air-conditioning, lighting and window blinds for complete comfort and ease.

    Entertainment content can also be personalized to suit guests' profile, viewed history across a multi-screens including smartphones, tablets, and the in-room Hotel TV.
    A guest is at a hotel business center getting some work done, and in the background is a large interactive white board.
    Digital Business Centre
    Business travellers can use the business centre to do wireless print easily via tablets or smartphones.

    Hotels can also create a more interactive business meeting experience for business travellers by equipping business centres and large conference rooms with convergent techonologies including digital displays and tablets.
    A couple is speaking with a hotel chef, and in the background a large display screen is showing the specials of the day.
    Redefining Fine Dining
    Hotels can provide a modern yet warm, luxurious atmosphere in their restaurants by installing high-resolution video walls and smart lighting solutions.

    Guests can make their orders in advance by picking up the in-room tablet to look at the restaurant menu. They can check out up-to-date lists of what’s in season, plus allergy and calorie information, and then place their orders directly from the tablet.

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