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  • A hotel guest is using the tablet in his hotel's business lounge to look through a digital menu for a casual dinner. A hotel guest is using the tablet in his hotel's business lounge to look through a digital menu for a casual dinner.


    Learn how Samsung can modernize hotels to provide a seamless and personalized experience that guests remember.


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  • Connected Guest Experience

    Connected Guest Experience

    Use digital automation to offer guests a personalized & connected experience

    • Increase customer satisfaction by providing the best guest experience.
    • Digitally enable brand authenticity to gain customer loyalty.

    that by 2020 guests will expect their stay to be personalized around a set of choices they make before they arrive1

    1Samsung, Transforming the Guest Experience.
    (Samsung internal study, 2013)
    A guest is using smart devices to adjust various conditions in her room and receive information about the hotel and its surroundings.
    Deliver home comfort for your guests
    Once inside the room, guests can use the in-room tablet or Hospitality TV with LYNK Hospitality Management Solution to easily adjust the conditions in the room such as lighting and drawing of blinds, all without having to get up and move around. By integrating the System Air Conditioner into the room occupancy system, guests can also control the temperature to ensure they are at their best comfort level. With truly integrated smart rooms, the environment of each room can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of individual users.
    A customer flips through a personalized list of information and entertainment options on her TV set.
    Enrich your guest stay with personalized infotainment
    Upon arrival in the room, guests can be greeted with personalized welcome message on the Hospitality TV with the LYNK SINC and LYNK REACH solution. An information hub and entertainment device in one, guests can browse information on hotel services, promotions, and events while enjoying a myriad of entertainment options. And since their personal mobile device will immediately connect to the Wi-Fi® hub built directly into the TV, guest will have the flexibility of viewing in-room TV content on their mobile device, or streaming their personal content to the big screen, by connecting their personal mobile device to the in-built Wi-Fi® hub in their TVs.
    A hotel guest is relaxing in her room and using a tablet to view room service options.
    Tap into every need of your guests
    Continuing the personalized room experience, rooms can be equipped with In-Room Guest Tablets with Guest Service solution to fulfill all of your guests’ needs. With easy access to local area information and the hotel service menu in the language of their choice, guests will find ordering services and browsing of hotel events a pleasant experience. They can easily place order for room service, make dinner reservations at one of the hotel’s premium restaurants, or request for housekeeping right at their fingertips.
    A hotel guest is checking himself out at a hotel through the automated check-in solution in the self-checkout zone.
    Allow your guests to check out at their convenience
    All good things must come to an end. Sometimes, checking out can be a stressful experience, even though it can easily be a breeze. After enjoying breakfast in bed, guests can use the Hospitality TV or In-Room Guest Tablet solution to easily check out from the convenience of their room.
  • Augmented Amenities

    Augmented Amenities

    Use Samsung’s leading technology to indulge guests with value-added amenities

    • Expand your customer base by attracting business and leisure travelers.
    • Increase revenue and profit by earning through value-added services.

    positively to investing in technology to improve their REVPAR (Revenue per available room)1

    1RezNext Global Solutions, Technology investments to be a top priority in hospitality industry: RezNext Survey report (2014)
    A customer is viewing an advertisement for a spa on a large, vibrant video wall display.
    Revamp the lobby with digital technology to intuitively promote your amenities
    First impressions count. Captivate your guests from the first moment when they enter the lobby with a spectacular Video Wall. Not only will the visually stunning displays attract guests with vibrant images, they can inform your guests about limited-time promotions on hotel amenities with Samsung proprietary content management system – MagicInfo. Before taking the lift to their room, guests can easily access any of the Interactive Information Kiosks throughout the hotel to search for hotel information with the interactive touchscreens.
    Business travelers are conducting a meeting inside a conference room, and viewing content on an interactive touchscreen board.
    Streamline business travelers’ work experience with smart technology
    Attract business travelers to your hotel with state-of-the-art interactive conference rooms. Corporate guests will appreciate having a large interactive E-board with dynamic touchscreen capabilities and on-the-spot note taking to conduct their meetings. An easy-to-install Cloud Printer allows your guests to print screenshots from devices in the conference rooms.
    Diners are enjoying their meal as they flip through the digital menu on a tablet and consider their next options.
    Indulge your guests while generating additional revenue
    It’s time for dinner! Entice guests to dine at your hotel’s restaurants with vibrant Video Wall with MagicInfo solution displaying gorgeously vivid images of the menu offering or daily promotions. Once seated, customers can simply order their meal from the interactive dining menu on the Mobile Device found at the table, reducing on any potential wait time. At the end of the evening, diners can settle their payment on-the-spot with built-in Mobile Point-of-Sales (mPOS) solution.
  • Optimized Hotel Operations

    Optimized Hotel Operations

    Maximize efficiency with seamless communication & back-office operations

    • Enhance productivity by communicating with staff in real-time.
    • Reduce costs by automating and digitizing operations.
    46% of energy use,

    45% of energy cost reduced annually with the installation of Samsung HVAC.1

    1(Samsung internal study)
    A staff member at the concierge desk is using her wearable device to communicate with other employees.
    Empower your hotel staff with mobile devices for seamless communication
    Optimize your guests’ experience by responding to all of their needs in real-time. Empower hotel staff with Mobile and Wearable Devices so that they are connected and can provide high-quality service and streamline operations across hotel facilities at the same time. Connected staff can communicate with one another seamlessly for efficient guest management and receive instant schedule updates for better housekeeping and maintenance.
    A staff member is printing out documents from his tablet through a cloud printing solution.
    Achieve streamlined operations through digital automation
    Facilitate efficient workflow between your front and back office with cloud printing solutions. Cloud Printers with the SmartThru Workflow3 solution provide quick and secure cloud printing and digital document management, minimizing processing and customer wait time. All the while, the Managed Print Services Program will be monitoring your entire printing system and notify the service department whenever supplies are low.
    A staff member is managing the temperatures of various locations in the facility through a monitor with a centralized control solution.
    Maximize energy economy with centralized control and monitoring
    Maximize your hotel’s energy economy and reduce energy costs with the System Air Conditioner with DMS and S-Net 3. With centralized management control, you can remotely and efficiently provide an optimally conditioned environment throughout your entire facility. Control a large number of units from anywhere at any time, individually or simultaneously as a group according to a variety of control options. Maximize cost-efficiency even further with an energy consumption analysis for economical building management.

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