Be A Virtual VIP

This Real-time Theme Park Information app gives theme park customers VIP treatment by allowing them access to a range of automatically updated information that will liven up their day out and increase their satisfaction with the experience.


  • CountryCalifornia, USA
  • IndustryEntertainment & Media
  • Customer Profile149,000


  • TechnologyA solution to provide real-time theme park information through GALAXY S Smartphone (USA Name: Captivate)
  • DeviceGALAXY S

Business Solution

• A function of the GALAXY S which provides clear images, differentiating it from competitors
• The solution providing theme park information has doubled the satisfaction of customers using the product
• User satisfaction has been enhanced by providing terminal-integrated information which customers may require, in real-time, via the GALAXY S


• Necessity for a hand-held terminal which can remain bright and clear, even in an outdoor environment
• A solution which provides real-time event information — such as which queue users want, and waiting times for rides — is necessary, considering the characteristics of a theme park
• The solution should be able to provide diverse customer-oriented service items such as real-time applied service coupons

In order to provide VIP customers who use the theme park with a more pleasant experience, we needed a solution which is clear even in an outdoor environment and which can easily receive information while in motion. In addition, we needed an intuitive solution via which customers can easily receive information provided in real-time. All this has been made possible by GALAXY S Smartphone.


• Theme Park Information Provision Solution

There are growing requirements for provision of information about user congestion and smooth traffic lines to avoid the congestion, and real-time provision of customer event information, and the solution could be made possible only by the GALAXY S Smartphone. The GALAXY S Smartphone also had a comparative advantage of being able to constantly include diverse customer service items in the terminals, which can be increased in the future, and being able to support development of these items.


• Provision of real-time information to theme park users
• Loyalty of users increases thanks to provision of hand-held terminals which is different from the way the theme park has been used in the past
• The customers’ pleasure of using the theme park, as well as other outdoor activities is continuously maintained by using the terminal (GALAXY S), which is much clearer than competitors' products

The 250 GALAXY S terminals for VIP customers have changed the customers’ concept of using the theme park by increasing the ways in which they can use the theme park and doubling the fun. In addition, a more pleasant theme park experience is created through the provision of information relating to user congestion and the increase or decrease in the total number of users.