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Case Study High-Performing Census Utility

Throughout the UAE, policy makers, government officials and other public sector workers are effectively implementing a high-performing survey tool that records accurate, real-time census information directly onto the GALAXY Tab.

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Case Study Real-Time Railway Controlling

Railway staff in France are successfully using Samsung GALAXY S smartphones to provide enhanced, secure communication links between central control stations and remote workers that are capable of operating on even the fastest train routes.

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Case Study Enhanced Traffic Management Technology

Police officers and traffic wardens in Italy are using the Samsung GALAXY S II to help with traffic enforcement, giving them real-time access to drivers license details or criminal records, as well as vehicle registration numbers.

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Case Study The Next Level In Communication

With the introduction of a superior integrated communication system compatible with the Samsung GALAXY S II, public sector organisations across Europe are able to streamline cooperation between office administrators and mobile field teams.

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Case Study Your Business Is Safe With Us

The Automated Entrance Security system is protecting shops and businesses by offering them a convenient and affordable security solution that can be easily controlled by the GALAXY Mini.

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Case Study Support For The Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry is benefiting from an innovative mobile customer relations management (M-CRM) system that works through the Samsung GALAXY S, giving customers efficient, secure data at extremely competitive prices.

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Case Study Implementing Better Homecare Performance

The Home Healthcare Service Solution uses GALAXY Tabs to implement a better, more efficient level of care for patients at home by ensuring they have access to an enhanced support service at all times.

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Case Study Improving Diagnosis And Treatment

The Samsung Medical Center in South Korea is now equipped with the Mobile EMR solution, giving doctors and nurses invaluable support to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients by facilitating the sharing of medical records.

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