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Today, it has become more important for businesses to distribute and manage enterprise applications efficiently. Many companies seek to implement enterprise application stores to meet this challenge. Samsung Business Apps (SBA) enables companies to create enterprise application stores.
SBA helps distribute and manage enterprise applications to mobile devices with a high level of security. The application enables IT managers to more easily control the application lifecycle, from installation and updates to deletion. Using SBA, employees and partners can download task-related applications that are approved for use and updated as required to their mobile devices.

Distribute the right applications to the right users

Distribute the right applications to the right users

SBA includes a web console for mobile application
management. From the web console, IT managers can control which employees use specific applications by managing groups of authorised users.
IT managers can remotely push applications to a group, installing, updating and removing applications without user intervention. IT managers can set business policies and permissions at the group level and restrict application use to members of selected groups only.

Manage applications and users with ease

Manage applications and users with ease

SBA gives IT managers the tools to more easily manage both applications and users. IT managers can use SBA
to bundle applications, select target categories, change application availability status and monitor application
store usage statistics. Usage statistics available in the SBA web console include counts of log-ins, users and downloads.
SBA enables IT managers to add other types of content
to the enterprise application store. IT managers can
provide enterprise-developed applications, other applications and content recommended by Samsung. Links to Google Play and Apple App Store, along with web bookmarks, are also available.

Optimize enterprise application strategy

Optimise enterprise application strategy

Based on information provided at a company’s registration, SBA provides new and updated application recommendations to SBA customers. Recommendations are based on each customer’s individual strategic goals and business imperatives. IT managers can add recommended applications to the enterprise application store without spending the time and effort required to search and validate third-party applications.
With SBA, employees can download applications to perform business tasks from an enterprise application store with less worry about potential security and legal issues. IT managers can also monitor employee installation of unsecured applications.


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