The Unified Communication & Collaboration package integrates a broad range of crucial real-time mobile business services including web conferencing, instant messaging and telephony with non-real-time options such as fixed mobile communication. These solutions are tailored specifically to meet the needs of your increasingly mobile workforce, bringing you enhanced business processes and greater flexibility when on the move. The solutions allow you to work without interruption towards delivering satisfying results to your clients.

Unified Communication & Collaboration

Unified Communication & Collaboration solutions bring web conferencing, instant messaging, telephony and fixed mobile communication capabilities to your workforce, giving you the opportunity to be more productive when working remotely. This solution provides leading online video conference tools that include desktop and file sharing options, allowing you to maintain effective contact with colleagues and clients when away from the office. Cisco Voice and Unified Communications enable the seamless handover of devices between 3G and WiFi connectivity, resulting in decreased operational costs.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Exchange ActiveSync is a synchronisation tool optimised to be compatible with both high-latency and low-bandwidth networks, ensuring that your devices can stay connected more reliably and flexibly. It lets mobile devices access your organisation's data and communications systems via a server running Microsoft Exchange, increasing productivity by ensuring that your employees always have the information they require when working on the move. It offers comprehensive PIM synchronisation for e-mails, calendars, contacts and tasks. In addition, this adaptable and reliable messaging platform means that your operational costs are kept to a minimum.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex delivers enhanced web conferencing capabilities and lets you collaborate with colleagues and clients quickly and seamlessly wherever you are. You can initiate a WebEx meeting while you are on the phone, adding members directly from your contacts list and chat publicly or privately with participants. With WebEx you can view documents and applications or share screens with live annotations, exchanging knowledge in real time. This solution allows you to arrange productive meetings in an economical, environmentally-friendly and flexible manner.

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber allows you to make and receive work calls using the Internet instead of your mobile service provider. This eliminates tolls and roaming charges and significantly reduces mobile costs. When connected, you can search for colleagues, access voice messages and manage calls securely. By granting you immediate access to missed calls and voicemails, Cisco Jabber enhances the efficiency of your mobile communications. In addition, it can be synchronised with all your business telephony systems and is compatible with a broad range of Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Polycom Realpresence Mobile

Polycom® RealPresence™ offers you the true business experience without any compromise in quality or connectivity, all delivered from a unique mobile platform. Its high definition audio, video and content sharing devices offer you the ultimate meeting experience, allowing you to work efficiently and reliably from wherever you are without the distractions of background noise. By ensuring industry-leading interoperability standards, easy deployment and compatibility with business devices and systems are guaranteed. This lets you benefit from the greatest return on investment and lowest total cost of ownership.

SAP Streamwork

SAP Streamwork enables you to collate information and make communication easier with people both inside and outside your organisation. By using SAP Streamwork extensions you can create an SAP Streamwork activity via email. All invited participants can see, follow and contribute to this work stream, adding comments, actions, pictures and notes, facilitating collaboration and project management. It boosts productivity and enhances decision making among participants by bringing together a range of relevant information and visual data.

Citrix Go-to Meeting

The Citrix Go-to Meeting solution represents the easiest and most convenient way to attend online meetings. You can join meetings in seconds simply by tapping a link in your email or calendar. Together all participants can view a range of relevant support materials on the screen, such as presentations, images or reports, ensuring a productive and efficient session. Citrix Go-to Meeting is a simple and cost-effective way to collaborate online with your remote colleagues and customers, saving you the time and money spent travelling to meetings. However, you do not need to compromise on quality because participants can share their webcams in high definition, offering you really personal interaction.

Avaya one-X Mobile

The Avaya one-X® Mobile lets you transform your Samsung mobile phone into your office phone, allowing you to benefit from having one mobile device for both personal and business use. By extending your company’s capabilities directly to your Samsung device, Avaya one-X® Mobile provides you with powerful communications tools. You can manage business calls, visual voicemails, call logs and corporate directories with its integrated mobile business applications. It is an ideal choice for cutting costs and making you more productive and more reachable than ever.

Adobe Connect Mobile

Adobe Connect Mobile enables you to host online meetings from your Samsung Android tablet or smartphone. This application allows you to initiate meetings and invite people to take part, giving you the control to grant or withdraw participants' use of video, voice and collaboration tools. It also lets you manage the sharing of content via your mobile, and unlocks your camera's potential for video conferencing. It is an easy and convenient application which guarantees both mobility and security, thanks to its easy deployment and management systems.


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