SmarThru™ Workflow 3 is a server-based document workflow solution that has embedded functionality in Samsung high-end multi-functional devices. With its range of convenient and intuitive features, this solution streamlines document capture, processing, routing, indexing & storage, giving you increased control over your document handling. Extend your devices’ potential and make significant cuts to operational costs by investigating the enhanced functionality of SmarThru Workflow.

Improved Print Environment Efficiency And Productivity For Reduced Operating Costs

SmarThru™ Workflow 3 offers several functions to streamline the distribution and storage of your documents. Key amongst these are Zone Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Barcode OCR and Fax Caller ID. The Zone OCR feature interprets the text content in predefined document zones whilst the Barcode OCR feature interprets standard barcode information in defined document locations. Data from these functions enables you to distribute & store documents based on their content or identification information. The Fax Caller ID enables automatic detection of the sender and can be used to make routing decisions based on this data.
Additional data can be collected from the user at the point of scan through structured or free format data input via user defined forms.

Enhance User Convenience With Mobile Printing, Email Scanning And Custom Workform Features

The mobile printing, custom workform and “Scan to My Email” features are all designed to help eliminate repetitive tasks and simplify the use of devices and functions. With mobile printing, users can print documents on the move from mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The “Scan to My Email” feature automatically identifies and inputs a user’s email address before allowing them to send the scanned images with a single click.
With SmarThru™ Workflow 3 custom workforms, user
access can be limited to only authorised or favourite functions. For example, a manager can access all of the available workforms, and a staff member can access only the unrestricted workforms.

Increased Document Security To Provide Better Data Protection

SmarThru™ Workflow 3 offers security for copy, fax and scan functions by integrating these tasks with Samsung SecuThru™ Lite, a robust solution for monitoring your print infrastructure. SecuThru™ Lite employs an ID card authentication feature to enhance the security of confidential information. The Single user Sign-On (SSO) feature is also specifically designed to provide secure, easy access to devices. This solution incorporates job accounting and secure release printing to further ensure document security, providing convenient management of your devices’ access configurations.


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