This stylish air conditioner with a cool flush face keeps you refreshed and invigorated at home.

Good’sleep Mode

SAMSUNG’s Good’sleep Mode function helps create a cool, comfortable and healthy atmosphere. With maximum physical and emotional comfort from your rest, you’ll wake up to a day of increased productivity.

With Good’sleep Mode, you enjoy longer deep sleep hours. Deep sleep is essential for brain relaxation and physical recovery and also contributes to healthy growth through different stages.

flush front panel

The flush panel was realised by moving the front grille to the top of the air conditioner. Cleaning has never been easier—simply wipe to keep it immaculate.

double blade system

SAMSUNG implanted the innovative double blade in air conditioners, which can control the airflow even more effectively, blowing cool air in desired directions. With widened angles, this revolutionary blade system offers reliable, controllable comfort all year round while ensuring optimum performance.

Silver Coated Technology

SAMSUNG air conditioners are the first to coat both the filter and evaporator with silver disinfecting and antimicrobial coating, offering you double protection.

cool accent line

With a blue line on its white body, the design brings to mind the serenity of a refreshing blue sky. And it looks great in any interior.

easy-to-detach & wash grille

Changing the grille used to be a very irritating chore. With SAMSUNG, however, you will never experience such problems again. Newly designed grilles can be easily detached from the indoor unit for regular cleaning, in accordance with the operational manual, providing extra convenience.

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