Samsung introduces this award-winning 28L Grill microwave oven. Designed for performance, it has a wide tempered door glass and Razr type keypad for superb touch and control. Pleasure for your eyes, satisfaction of the stomach.

Crusty Cook

Do you like your pizza crispy? With Samsung Crusty Plate, frozen foods such as pizza and chicken nuggets are heated with deliciously crunchy results.

Triple Distribution System (TDS)

Samsung developed a unique wave distribution system that evenly distributes the microwaves throughout the oven. Food is cooked more evenly. Enjoy satisfaction with great cooking performance.

Rapid Defrost

The brilliant Rapid Defrost feature provides maximum heating condition for defrosting frozen food. Frozen food are amazingly defrosted and warmed up faster.

Steam Clean

Easy cleaning without detergent.
Virtually self-cleaning, Samsung developed an innovative system called "STEAM Clean". STEAM Clean uses steam power to lift stubborn grease and grime, leaving your oven wipe-clean in just 15 minutes.

Ceramic Enamel Cavity

Enjoy a hygienic and durable surface for cooking.
An exceptionally smooth Ceramic Enamel interior allows grease and oil to be easily removed from the inside walls. This unique surface prevents surface discolouration, even after extensive use.
Due to its durability and protective qualities, Samsung Ceramic Enamel cavity is far more scratch resistant than other microwave interiors. When scratched with equal force, the roughness of the Ceramic Enamel surface increases only 7.5% compared to 106% from conventional stainless steel.

Movable Grill Heater

The inclinable grill heater allows you to change the grill position for better cooking results. Helps in easy cleaning after use.

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