T9000 French Door Refrigerator T9000 French Door Refrigerator

Sophistication and Performance

Equipped with Samsung's Digital Inverter Compressor, the contemporary T9000 Premium Refrigerator operates at low noise levels, while delivering longer-lasting performanceat at great energy savings.

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RH57H90507H Food Showcase Refrigerator RH57H90507H Food Showcase Refrigerator

Get closer to the food you love

The RH9000 Refrigerator boasts an innovative Showcase that lets you organise groceries into three different zones - cooking, family and kids. In addition, the Innercase compartments enable quick and easy access to what you need, making meal preparation a breeze.

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RSH7UNSL Side-By-Side Refrigerator RSH7UNSL Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Freshness Meets Style

Featuring a sleek and seamless exterior with a built-in-easy-open handle. Its luxurious interior and thoughtful space-saving compartments simplify your daily cooking and serving routines - adding a new dimension to your everyday life.

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