Samsung provides modern & simple look with seamless monolithic & monochromatic design

TWIN Cooling System

The Twin Cooling System uses two independent evaporators and fans driven by a powerful compressor to supply the optimum level of cooling air separately to the refrigeration and freezer compartments. The air between the compartments don't mix, keeping food fresh and tasty.

Tall Dispenser

-Taller opening.
-Get pure water and ice readily.
-Blue LED lighting allows an easy dispensing even in darkness.

Multi Flow

Keeps cool always.
-Cooling air in every shelf level.
- Uniform temperature throughout the compartment.

Energy A+

Samsung refrigerator received ISO A+ and Iranian Energy Level A for energy efficiency. Not only does it save you money, you're helping the environment. Environmentally friendly materials are used such as cyclo-pentane, a natural refrigerant that doesn't promote global warming.

Z shelf

This flexible "Z" shape shelf is ideal for keeping cans, bottles and taller containers. You can raise or lower the shelf height freely to maximise the space for better arrangement of items to fulfill your needs.

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