Only Samsung’s superior cooling technology provides the optimal food storage condition that can be fine-tuned to satisfy your appetite. Samsung refrigerator’s excellent performance and outstanding design will make your life more delightful.

MoistFresh Zone Plus

Keeps the crisper climate perfect by employing a perfect-fit sealing design that ensures there are no inefficient gaps as well as conduction cooling technology that cools the container. It maintains the humidity level by automatically opening the sealing when the humidity rises.

Energy saving LED lighting

The LED Lighting illuminates with bright light to easily locate the items in the fridge. It emits 10 times less heat than conventional bulb lighting so your food stay fresh for a long time. The semi-permanent LED lighting is 20 times more efficient of the energy to save your money.

Multi Air Flow

A stream of cool air flows through a series off vents located on every shelf level to create an evenly cooled environment.

Tempered glass shelves

These shelves offer a clear view of the items stored and also are strong enough to support heavy items with a new high-strength material.

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