Multi Temperature Control

Maintain the ideal temperature for storing both red and white wine. : Red wine (13 - 17°C), White wine (7 - 8°C) , sparkling wine (3°C) -Control upper and lower compartments separately.

Wood Trim Shelf

Wood trim shelf helps the vibration control and high humidity maintenance, keeping its premium design overall.

High Humidity

Maintain the optimal humidity level. : keep 55 - 75% of humidity** When humidity gets low and dry, a cork of the wine also gets dry reducing its size. And if the humidity is too high, then unneeded fungus prosper.

Clean Back

Beautiful Finish. Eliminating Build Up of Dust & Debris. No Hassle with Cleaning

UV Protection Coating Door

"Protect from the direct light or lamp light. : UV radiation is the main cause that spoils wine quality Offer the optimal wine storage environment like underground winery's"

Digital Display (LED)

LED Inner Lighting

Low Noise & Vibration

Low Noise & Vibration

Minimal design

Style Up in modernity & elegance contemporary Style

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