Samsungs SILVER WASH is an advanced washing technology with superb bacteria killing capabilities. Imagine 400 billion silver ions dissolved in water to make a super cleaning solution that affects your clothes at an almost molecular level.

Its sterilizing ability of 99.99% and lasting antibacterial action will redefine your idea of purity.

SILVER WASH utilizes 99.99% pure silver for a lasting investment for your health and garments

Effective fabric sanitization

SILVER WASH uses nano technology to electrolyze pure silver during wash and rinse cycles. Over 400 billion silver ions are released and penetrate deep into fabric for effective sanitization.

Enduring sanitization power

Silver Nano particles are dispensed in the washing and rinsing cycles. These silver particles can sanitize and disinfect fabrics throughout the life of the washing machine... And not only does its effect protect your fabrics, it also disinfects your drum and all its internal parts.


Silver Nano kit model
  • Silver Nano wash (different from competitive-coating)
  • Electrolysis of the silver
  • 99.9% sterilization (kills 650 different types of bacteria)
  • Anti bacteria up to 30 days: silver nano coating on fabric

  • Silver Resin model
  • Silver Nano Filter system
  • Deters bacteria generation
  • Prevents bacteria generation