R01 R0101 sg 24040300 ED-SEF20A
  • SEF20A 1 FrontSEF20APhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/sg_ED-SEF20A_001_Front?$L1-Gallery$sg_ED-SEF20A_001_Front600900370370default2195879
  • SEF20A 2 Right AngleSEF20APhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/sg_ED-SEF20A_002_Right-Angle?$L1-Gallery$sg_ED-SEF20A_002_Right-Angle600900370370default5692440
  • SEF20A 3 RightSEF20APhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/sg_ED-SEF20A_003_Right?$L1-Gallery$sg_ED-SEF20A_003_Right600900370370default5692442
  • SEF20A 4 BackSEF20APhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/sg_ED-SEF20A_004_Back?$L1-Gallery$sg_ED-SEF20A_004_Back600900370370default5692444
SEF20A Front

Compact, slim, convenient to carry

The flash which expresses images clearly and brightly even when taking a portrait shot in dark indoor and night view background.

General Specifications

    Flash Type:A-TTL external flash
    Guide number (Based on ISO 100):20
    Bounce flash angle: Vertical bounce angle: 0°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
    Burst mode:A-TTL
    Flash metering control :Auto
    Flash light adjustment: -1.0EV - +1.0EV (0.3EV Step)
    Battery: AAA battery (2):Alkaline, Ni-MH
    Size (WxHxD):64.3 x 43.0 x 88.3mm
    Weight (excluding battery):121.7g (excluding battery)
    Reasonable temperature:0 - 40°C
    Reasonable humidity:5 - 85%

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