Spotlight on Samsung 3D Glasses
Technology and filmmaking go hand in hand. As new ways to make special effects and on-screen magic become available, viewers also expect filmmakers to utilize these technologies to make their entertainment experiences more exciting. 3D technology is one way that filmmakers are using what’s on the cutting edge to make watching a movie a chance for the viewer to immerse himself in the world of the film itself. 

But the 3D experience isn’t just limited to the theater. With new Samsung Smart TV 3D technology, bringing the immersion to your own living room is more accessible than ever. It might not seem like 3D at home is a brand new idea for many home theater adopters, but Samsung has made improvements to our 3D components to make the three-dimensional cinematic experience easier and more robust.

For example, take Samsung 3D Glasses. Samsung 3D glasses use radio frequency (RF) technology to connect with more freedom of movement.

Why RF or Bluetooth?
Because RF (or Bluetooth) has a broader connectivity range, this means that the Samsung 3D Glasses don’t require you to sit directly in front of your television to experience 3D movies in your home. You’ll still get the same great 3D image from active shutter lenses as you would with previous versions of Samsung 3D glasses, but now with more comfort and mobility.

Other Improvements

RF technology is merely the icing on the cake when it comes to our 2011 3D Active Glasses. Here are some of the other great improvements we’ve given these 3D specs: 

  • Lightweight – Weighing in at only 1 ounce, you’ll barely realize you are wearing glasses at all. Not only that, but because of the new design, lens and earpiece weight distribution is more equal, making your experience more comfortable.

  • Rechargeable – You can recharge up to four pairs of glasses with a Wireless Charging Hub (sold separately) that uses induction charging so it doesn’t require you to plug anything in. If you prefer, you can also use the included USB connection cable to recharge your glasses, too. Plus, battery life has never been better, as you can charge the 3D glasses for a mere 2 hours to get up to 40 hours of use. (That’s about 35 movies for anyone keeping score.)

  • Comfortable – Not only are these glasses lightweight, but they are also more fitting and flexible than previous versions. And with a detachable nose pad, you can comfortably wear these 3D glasses over your normal eyeglasses.

  • Ergonomic - We partnered with Silhouette, who has done some amazing work with eyewear technology, to help make these 3D glasses with a more ergonomic frame design.

  • Durable - Though comfort and wearability have improved through more lightweight construction, the strength and resilience of the lenses haven’t been compromised, either.
When you’re ready to bring home the excitement of 3D cinema to your living room, be sure to look to Samsung for some of the best 3D technology available. Besides, when it comes to wearing high-tech 3D glasses, who wouldn’t want comfort, flexibility and freedom, too? 

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