Samsung 3D Sound: How to Get the Most out of Your 3D Experience
3D technology allows you to experience home entertainment in a whole new way. But are you getting the most from your 3D? Samsung 3D Sound might be just the answer to take things to the next level. Here are some things you should know when considering home 3D options.

What is 3D Sound?
Conventionally, TV only delivers sound output by analyzing the audio source. With Samsung Smart TV, you’ll get better sound matching with what’s on screen because it is able to analyze the video source. There are two benefits to this:
  • Sound immerses you to match with 3D picture quality.

  • You can customize the sound’s effect by controlling the depth of 3D sound.
Essentially, 3D Sound does for your ears what 3D picture does for your eyes. Whereas most home entertainment systems merely use multiple speakers to create surround sound, 3D Sound goes a step further by not only distributing sound toward you, but above and around you as well. This causes a cascading effect, allowing you to be fully absorbed in rich, immersive sound.

Pairing this with the visual experience on your Samsung Smart TV and 3D Active Glasses means you’re in for a more robust and dynamic 3D adventure.

How Does 3D Sound Work?
Your Samsung Smart TV is even smarter than you think. By using technology that analyzes your screen by SMART algorithm, switching to 3D Sound is as simple as pressing a button. This means that you can not only enjoy 3D movies in complete 3D immersion, but you can give the TV shows and movies you love immersive 3D Sound, too.

Simply press the 2D à 3D button on your Samsung Smart TV Remote and your system will do the rest. You can also adjust the depth of your 3D Sound by accessing the menu and setting the level under sound > 3D Sound menu. The system is set to “low” by default, but you may want to adjust this level in order to get a more immersive experience when watching dynamic scenes in movies, sports, or action packed games.

What Do I Need in Order to Get 3D Sound?
3D Sound is available for all Samsung TVs with the 3D feature, but you can experience Total 3D with a Samsung Home Entertainment System such as the Blu-ray 3D Home Entertainment System. Systems like this not only boost the sound you’re used to, but add the element of 3D Sound + Surround. This means richer, more vibrant sound that completely envelops you in what you’re watching.

Plus, products like the 7.1 Channel Blu-ray 3D Home Entertainment System are streamlined in design, but powerful in capability. With Samsung 3D Sound, you’re able to explore exceptional sound quality no matter what your taste.

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