Smart TV vs Internet TV - What's the difference?
You may have been hearing a lot recently about TVs that can connect to the Internet. How is a Samsung Smart TV different? Here’s a basic overview of the main differences are in these two kinds of televisions.

Internet TV
Internet TV works very much like how you experience the Internet on your computer screen – you can connect, browse and search much like you do at your desk. Visit your favorite websites and research information about your favorite movies and TV shows, right from your living room. You can even use your remote to enter text in various locations such as a search bars or other forms. Typing is similar to texting on a numbered cell phone keypad, and you’ll probably find the experience quite familiar.

Samsung Smart TV
Samsung Smart TV introduces a brand new world of web-connected TV entertainment. With unlimited content, easy to use interface, and an enriched, immersive viewing experience, Samsung Smart TV is more than just a television with access to the Internet.

To easily find content, Samsung Smart TV has a robust search functionality, which can search across the web, your online movie subscription services, and your social networks. Content is not only easy to find, but only as limited as your imagination. Plus, Samsung Smart TV can also recommend movies and TV shows for you based on your tastes, ratings and history.

When it comes to simplicity and convenience, Samsung Smart TV offers options to make your experience as personal and streamlined as possible. Samsung Apps allow users to experience rich, interactive content that is optimized for your Samsung Smart TV - beyond just browsing the web. You can download and play games, access social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, or view the latest news, weather and sports scores right on your TV. 

But with all the available content and easy-to-use interface, quality hasn’t been compromised, either. Samsung Smart TV offers an enriched experience with features such as motion clarity, 3D picture quality, and a smart design that integrates your television seamlessly into your environment. 

Internet TV and Smart TV offer two different options for connected TV, but you’ll quickly appreciate why an integrated, Samsung Smart TV is the best way to keep you entertained, up-to-date, and on the cutting edge. 

**Features may vary by region and model.
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