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We don't see technology, we see people with amazing potential.
That's why we don't innovate for the few, we innovate for all.
Watch the videos to see how we are launching people around the world.

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Launching People
Launching People is about real people. It's about the way Samsung technology touches people's lives, to launch their dreams and potential.
That's why we don't just launch products, we launch people.
Alfred Pleyer
Ybbs an der Donau, Austria
Alfred Pleyer, who works at a hydropower station in Austria, had always dreamed of becoming a photographer. He was inspired by the stories he saw in peoples’ faces. While traveling through India, he began relying on his Galaxy S3 to take photos in the street. Those pictures launched him, to become one of 2012’s Top 10 Mobile Photographers.
Gisele dos Santos
Amazonas, Brazil
Gisele is a student in the Amazon rainforest. She studies at the local school, which Samsung built for the community. She loves art class, where she connects with a teacher thousands of miles away, through a Samsung Smart TV. She wants to study to become a teacher too, so she can come back to her village and launch other children’s dreams.