Samsung Introduces New Smart Oven

Sep 18, 2013

Superior technology and unique design support healthy eating for the whole family

Samsung Introduces New Smart Oven

Singapore – September 18, 2013 – Samsung Electronics today announced the introduction of its new Smart Oven (MC32F606), which features a range of smart features such as sensor technology, high-quality cooking performance and a sleek aesthetic, all designed to provide convenience for busy households, and allows consumers to save time and effort when preparing healthy, great-tasting meals.

With smarter technology, more cooking settings and superior performance, the Samsung Smart Oven is set to change the way families eat as following a nutritious and balanced diet will be easier than ever before thanks to features such as pre-programmed recipes, a yogurt maker and ‘Slim Fry’ setting.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Smart Oven,” said Irene Ng, Vice President of Marketing, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. “Our latest kitchen appliance continues to demonstrate how Samsung improves the premium lifestyle of consumers with practical benefits.”

Healthier cooking for the whole family
Meal planning for the family is easier with the Smart Oven as Raw Ingredient Cooking technology identifies a food’s surface temperature – whether frozen, chilled or fresh – and the Smart Oven cooks any dish at the appropriate temperature, eliminating over- or under-cooked meals. The Smart Oven also makes preparing meals from scratch a breeze with pre-programmed recipes and a yogurt maker mode, removing the need for a separate device to whip up healthy yogurt for breakfast, dinner or dessert.

Slim Fry technology prepares crisp meals without the use of additional oil, eliminating excess fat – the Smart Oven combines a grill with warm air circulation to envelop foods, allowing them to become crispy inside and out.

Superior technology for quality results
Samsung’s unique Smart Multi Sensor Technology, available with the Smart Oven, reads the food’s surface temperature each second and judges whether the cooking stages are complete. This technology makes it possible to adjust optimal cooking time more precisely than with a basic humidity sensor. An integrated humidity sensor ensures the perfect temperature is created inside the oven, while the exclusive IR sensor technology – used during high temperature, convection cooking – prevents serving over or undercooked food with just one touch.

Also, defrosting is made easier thanks to sensor technology that detects food density, with control settings for “hard,” “mid” and “soft.” Additionally, the Smart Oven temperature control allows consumers to do everything from melting butter and ice cream to reheating baby milk with ease.

Premium design
The Samsung Smart Oven is designed with convenience in mind. The ceramic enamel surface provides a durable interior that allows grease and oil to be easily cleaned off. The coating also helps prevent bacteria and odour transfer, which means less time is needed for cleaning.

The Samsung Smart Oven (MC32F606) is now available at $649 at major consumer electronics stores.