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Samsung Introduces NewsON and Spotify

on Nov 01, 2013

New content and services, together with enhanced Video Hub, for consumers to enjoy the best of their Smart TV experiences

Samsung Introduces NewsON and Spotify

SINGAPORE, 1 November 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and convergence technologies, announced NewsON for timely news information and content delivered straight to Samsung Smart TVs and popular music streaming service, Spotify.


“While creating a world of possibilities to complement the smart lifestyle of our consumers, we understand that video streaming apps such as YouTube™ are the most popular among Smart TV users,” said Irene Ng, Vice President, Marketing, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. “With the goal to offer new services and content through Samsung Smart TVs, NewsON, Spotify and Samsung Video Hub not only present consumers with more choices, as well as access to the latest news and millions of movies and music, it also takes us one step closer to providing them with the ultimate entertainment experience.”


Latest Headlines and Weather on NewsON

NewsON offers a snapshot of the latest news and weather information from Yahoo!, Samsung’s first content partner on NewsON. By downloading an update on Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV owners can now access the new NewsON panel via the Samsung Smart Hub for free. Users can click through to see story summaries, full articles or stream news video clips.


Spotify on Samsung Smart TVs

Spotify, the award-winning digital music service, comes specially optimised for Samsung Smart TVs and enables users to listen to their favourite music directly from their Samsung Smart TV. Spotify offers on-demand access to over 20 million songs, with the option to search by song title, album or favourite artist. The app also automatically recommends the most popular music by region, and users can create and add new songs to playlists and subscribe to those of other members.


Spotify is now available for download on Samsung Apps for Samsung Smart TV at a monthly subscription of $9.90. New users can visit to experience Spotify Premium for 30 days, completely free, and it will be included for all existing Spotify Premium users with a Samsung Smart TV.


Samsung Video Hub – Gateway to unlimited entertainment

Best viewed with the latest Samsung UHD TVs, Samsung Video Hub offers consumers the choice of purchasing or renting on-demand a wide selection of movies – from current blockbusters to timeless classics produced by major Hollywood studios including Walt Disney Pictures and Dreamworks as well as local content.


Users can stream a video on Samsung Video Hub and choose to watch it across multiple Samsung devices from Smart TVs to GALAXY smartphones and tablets registered with the same Samsung account.


Enjoy NewsON, Spotify and Samsung Video Hub on Samsung UHD TV

Apart from access to the richest content experience including NewsON, Spotify and Samsung Video Hub, consumers are assured that Samsung UHD TVs are currently the only future-proof UHD TV in the market that can adopt future UHD resolution standards. The Evolution Kit enables UHD TV users to always enjoy the latest features and services, and provides compatible solutions for upcoming UHD standards in connectivity and broadcasting. For Samsung UHD TVs, the Evolution Kit is embedded in the One Connect box so the TV remains the focus while allowing users to perform upgrades and enjoy the latest UHD TV features seamlessly. The Evolution Kit, unique to Samsung UHD TVs, promises users the potential to enjoy the latest future technology, now and into the future.


Samsung UHD TVs boast Samsung’s proprietary Quadmatic Picture Engine for amazing picture quality. The Engine includes a four-step up-scaling technology to automatically detect and up-convert HD and FHD to UHD details, and corrects any error in the process so consumers can always enjoy the best UHD-level picture quality regardless of video source.


Besides the best image quality, Samsung UHD TVs feature quad-core processor for consumers to enjoy true multitasking capabilities between content and apps for a premium Smart TV experience. Imagine enjoying your Smart TV experience at double the processing speed.


The Samsung S9 85” UHD TV retails at $49,999 while the F9000 65” UHD TV is retailing at $9,499 and the F9000 55” UHD TV at $6,499. From now till 17 November 2013, consumers can receive a 32” Samsung Smart TV F4500 valued at $599 or Samsung AirTrack HW-F551 valued at $549 with any F9000 UHD TV purchase.


More consumers going for bigger screen Smart TV experience

With a desire to access multimedia experiences on an expansive TV screen, more consumers are switching to larger and Smart TVs. “Consumers are spoilt for choice with the range of Samsung Smart TV content that offers the most immersive experience. We see the trend for consumers adopting TVs with bigger screen sizes and expanding their Smart TV experience,” said Stanley Goh, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Sales, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd.


According to market research agency GfK, Singapore saw a 39 per cent growth in sales value of bigger TV sizes (50” and above) compared to last year and Samsung has 46 per cent of the value based market share for TVs above 50”*. Based on TNS Mobile Life 2013, Smart TV ownership in Singapore has increased from 18 per cent in 2012 to 25 per cent this year. Samsung owns 49 per cent of the Smart TV value based market share in Singapore*.


Video streaming apps such as YouTubeTM remain the most downloaded on Samsung Apps. Consumers are also using their Smart TVs to browse the web, read news content, access social media such as Facebook and play games like Angry Birds.


* According to GfK PTV Retail Audit in Singapore during January to August 2013 in terms of sales value.