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  How Does it Work?
  Here's how it works: A grapefruit-sized device alongside the tub uses two pure silver plates the size of large chewing gum sticks. The resulting positively charged silver atoms-Silver ions (Ag+)- are sprayed into the tub during the wash cycle. According to tests, this process removed or killed 99.9% of tested bacteria.
  Extra delicates such as blouses, shirts or even lingerie can now be sanitized effectively in cold water without the harsh effects of hot water sanitization.

Gentler on clothes compared to hot water sanitization. SilverCare™ helps keep your clothes looking their best. Let your linens feel as clean as they look.

silver care
  10 Year Warranty
Silver plates carry a warranty of ten years, and can easily be replaced by a Service Technician if so needed. SilverCare
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