1996 - 1994

a Global Force

In the mid-1990s, Samsung revolutionised its business through a dedication to making world-class products, providing total customer satisfaction and being a good corporate citizen all under the vision of "quality first".


  • Samsung Electronics completed development of 1G DRAM
  • Samsung Electronics developed world’s fastest CPU (central processing unit), the Alpha chip
  • Samsung Electronics began mass production of 64M DRAMs


  • Samsung Entertainment Group started
  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology developed world’s first real-time MPEG-3 technology
  • Samsung Electronics introduced world’s first 33” double-screen TV


  • Samsung Heavy Industries developed first Korean-built electric car (SEV-III)
  • Samsung Electronics completed development of world’s first 256M DRAM
  • Samsung Electronics produced 30 millionth microwave oven
  • Samsung Aerospace developed the world’s first four-power zoom camera