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vice chairman

Image of Vice president Mr. Yoon-woo Lee

Yoon-Woo Lee was named vice chairman and chief executive officer of Samsung Electronics in May 2008.
An engineer and 40-year veteran of Samsung, Mr. Lee's leadership and sophisticated technology expertise helped build Samsung into the world's largest consumer electronics company. He is widely credited with growing Samsung's semiconductor business into one of the most successful in the industry and implementing practices and training programs that earned Samsung the reputation of being the best company to work for in Korea.

Mr. Lee started his Samsung career in 1968 in the company's display devices division. In 1976, he became products manager in the semiconductor business and was quickly promoted to manage the Giheung semiconductor plant. In 1989, Mr. Lee took the helm of Samsung's research and development arm, where he helped pioneer new products. Under his leadership, Samsung grew its design and mass production capabilities to evolve into a global consumer electronics leader.

After successfully steering the semiconductor business through several market downturns, Mr. Lee became the business unit's CEO in 1996. In 2004, he became vice chairman of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, the company's central R&D centre. One year later, Mr. Lee assumed the role of chief technology officer. His responsibilities in that post included planning long-term technology strategies and implementing the latest technologies to grow new businesses and increase competitiveness.

Mr. Lee is the chairman of the Korean Engineers Club and the director of the Korea Institute of Patent Information. In 2005, he was lauded as Korea's CEO of the Year. Mr. Lee holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Seoul National University.