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Galaxy S III (Blue)


  • With great business communication features, high security and real-time integration, this smartphone is suited to every need

Galaxy S III (Blue)

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Concentrate for Longer

Concentrate for Longer
The GALAXY S III actively helps to improve your concentration with its innovative Smart Stay feature. The device's camera uses innovative eyeball-tracking technology to detect your eye movement, keeping the screen bright while you are working. So you can concentrate on lengthy emails, e-books or websites without getting distracted.


  • OS
    Android 4.0 (ICS)
  • Display
  • Camera
    8 Megapixels

Galsxy S3

Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity

  • Communication
    EDGE / GPRS (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHZ)
  • HSPA
  • Wi-Fi
    Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Bluetooth Profiles
  • NFC
  • AllShare Play
    DLNA, MHL 1, HDMI 2
  • KIES


  • OS
    Android 4.0 (ICS)


SAR Information



  • User Manual
    • User Manual
      12.19 MB, pdf, ENGLISH(Europe)
      28 Feb, 2013
  • Other Manuals (1)
    • User Manual(PC)
      0.02 MB, html, ENGLISH(Europe)
      11 Sep, 2012
  • Software (7)
    • Mobile Application,Others(Content viewer)
      Windows 7 / Windows 8, 48.64 MB, exe, ENGLISH
      25 Nov, 2013
      Version : 1.0.2
    • Data Migration Tool,Others(Samsung Content viewer)
      Windows 7 / Windows 8, 48.92 MB, exe, ENGLISH
      11 Sep, 2013
      Version : 1.0
    • Allshare,Others(Smart_Home_Control_PC_SW_ENG)
      Win XP/Vista/Windows 7, 14.68 MB, zip, ENGLISH, MULTI LANGUAGE
      12 Jul, 2013
      Version : 1.5
    • SAMSUNG Kies,PC Sync
      Win XP/Vista/Windows 7, 66.33 MB, exe, ENGLISH, MULTI LANGUAGE
      29 Apr, 2013
      Version :
    • SAMSUNG Kies (Mac),PC Sync
      Mac OS 10.5 ~ 10.7, 27.94 MB, dmg, ENGLISH, MULTI LANGUAGE
      25 Feb, 2013
      Version :
    • Allshare,Others((AllShare Control PC Software - 64bit))
      Win XP/Vista/Windows 7, 11.44 MB, zip, ENGLISH, MULTI LANGUAGE
      5 Jul, 2012
      Version : 1.0
    • Allshare,Others((AllShare Control PC Software - 32bit))
      Win XP/Vista/Windows 7, 14.38 MB, zip, ENGLISH, MULTI LANGUAGE
      30 May, 2012
      Version : 1.5
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