Multi Split FJM Outdoor 3port


  • Samsung’s versatile air conditioning system allows up to five indoor units and uses minimal installation space
  • Its double layer sound insulation system minimises noise, making it more discreet despite Its high-quality performance.
  • It’s a solution that's both practical and effective

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Multi Split FJM Outdoor 3port

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BLDC (Twin Rotary) Compressor

BLDC (Twin Rotary) Compressor
A key contributor to the FJM’s efficiency is its BLDC (Twin Rotary) Compressor, which is featured on all outdoor models. Its twin eccentric cams and two balance weights result in extremely low levels of vibration, contributing to a much quieter all-round performance. Attention to the quality of moving parts such as robust bearings, as well as premium matching rollers and vanes produce a high degree of stability and durability.

Reduced Vibration and Noise

Reduced Vibration and Noise
All new FMJ outdoor models incorporate the TBR Sine-Wave Compressor in addition to the twin BLDC compressor. This serves to reduce torque variation by 70 per cent and vibration by 80 per cent compared to a regular single compressor. As a result, stress on the motor is kept to a minimum, and the lifespan of the air conditioning unit is extended. A further benefit is a significant reduction in noise, leading to a more comfortable and productive working environment.
Wide Operation Range Of Outdoor Temperature

Wide Operation Range Of Outdoor Temperature

No matter how extreme the temperature, our FJM air conditioning unit will handle the situation. It is able to cool in heats of up to 50°C and provide warmth in -20°C, eliminating the need for any additional units to cope in times of adverse weather. Its smart inverter system delivers the required temperature quickly right from start up, and continuously performs fine-tune adjustments to ensure a constant and comfortable environment.



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    • Commissioning Software
      Win XP/2008/Vista/Win 7(32/64bit), 34.70 MB, msi
      6 Apr, 2015
      Version : 1.3.5
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Further Ecodesign and Energy labelling information :

* Samsung air conditioners contain fluorinated greenhouse gas R410A with GWP=2088


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